Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fantasy Land

Let's just take a step back for one second from observing the various examples of the lower tiers of the evolutionary ladder that is Bullshido membership and look instead at a grander issue all together. One of the great pillars of the ideal Bullshido world view.....

.....Hard contact sparring!!!!!!

Now let's also assume that when the Bullshido membership attend throwdowns that what they do is actually hard contact sparring. It is not. It is not even close. It's more like extremely light contact sparring OR rolling (and rarely MMA rules). But I digress. Let us put that to one side.

This abuse of members to 'win' tags is little more than a trial by ordeal (were it to be what it claims to be).

As we can see these 'trials' hold little logical value for determining someones guilt or otherwise regards their status as Bullshido.

Think with your own minds my friends because the establishment at Bullshido hold antiquainted ideals of justice.

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