Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who wants this Blog?

The ACA has decided to relinquish control of Lawrence's accounts and Blog. The question is to who?

Lawrence has become very shy, and Bullshido do not appear worthy of ACA assistance. ACA indirectly helped Bullshido by taking over the Blog, but Bullshido stuck their fingers up at us. Twats. Lawrence was right, Bullshido try to censor anything surrounding this blog. And the ACA. This is a sign of fear. It is also pathetic, hypocritical and is not condoned by ACA Ethics commission.

If you want to take over this blog please contact ACA Public Relations Department via the YouTube account TheRealBullDen

Thank you
ACA Press Relations Section

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conspiracy unravels

Can you guess who it is yet?

Monday, July 28, 2008


Appearances can be decieving and that much is true about 'Lawrence'.
It seems 'he' may actually be 3 different people (maybe even more).
Definately one of them is female.
Definately one of them is US male.

Sure there is one main person driving the blog (the US male) but the accomplices share in the work.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Attn: Lawrence

If you wish to have any of your comments published please reply to this blogpost.
If they have any point other than telling us how many top lawyers you know or how you are connected in ways we couldn't even understand (we can understand but simply don't care) the we may consider publishing but be aware. This blog is now the property of ACA and it is NOT a democracy. It is a dictatorship.

Pay attention

Bullshido. It seems it is really hard work for you guys to keep up.
We asked you to cross reference the IP with posters on YOUR forum.
We know who it seems to link to having 'pinged' an email from we are well aware it is an IP which he has used.

But this is not the question. The puzzle we are putting together is why we have emails (looking in 'Lawrence' email account) from someone who is NOT John Springer from the same IP.

This person has passed him huge amounts of information from WITHIN THE BLACK BELT CLUB within the last few months. So this person MUST have a Bullshido account with access.

By figuring out who the mole is we wish to pin down more about 'Lawrence'. His trusted source would be a good start.

Sharing a thought

The ACA would like to shar a riddle with Bullshido. Only we can't be arsed right now, sorry.

Interesting to hear who's IP address it was. Almost right we think you were.

Friday, July 25, 2008


We understand your reservations but this 'Lawrence' has pissed us off on a matter of which you are not aware. He was subsequently the first victim of our newly (at the time) developed SPAM-bot which flooded the forum he was on at the time with images of scat. He then resurfaced here as 'Lawrence' and in addition to him using information about our 'Sensei Al Perry' T2T (Travel 2 Troll) to bolster his crappy blog he has even had himself 'outed' as an ACA member which he is not, there by making our organisation look bad.

Let us put aside our differences for now.
Plus Phrost is an ACA supporter.


A question for any Bullshidoists or Bullshidettes present;

Do you have any members on your board that have Reston VA Verizon Internet Services IP

If you can provide us with information regarding any members you have with this IP then we can make a deal to give you access to 'Lawrence' other information.

Contact on the blog or

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Attention Lawrence

I believe you asked "what the fuck are we going to do about it"?
Well here is your answer mate. You just been cracked.

Right now you're probably starting to figure out something is seriously wrong. You can't log in. Your blog looks a little different. And what is that strange logo?

Your questions (along with lots of other peoples questions) will soon be revealed.
Your email address.
Your IP.
Your forum login accounts.

They all belong to the mighty ACA now my friend.
That is "what the fuck we are going to do about it".

Talk soon Lawre...oh wait that isn't your name is it....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Omega backs out yet again

There can be absolutely no doubt that Bullshido's much revered cult enforcer has backed out of his challenge match with me.


ACA - 1

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My name is 'Lawrence' and this is what I'm into

Bullshido Ground Fighting Myths dispelled

Bullshido cult is pro-ground fighting. This is a completely unrealistic concept in self defense. The following excerpts from the Bullshido indoctrination package demonstrate the dangerous disregard the authors have for the reader's own safety were they to take their unqualified advice. Where to begin?

Evidence has been shown for the neccesity of learning to fight on the ground if one wishes to be a well rounded fighter, prepared for all situations.
Evidence has shown the necessity of avoiding the ground at all costs.

A groundfighter is going to control the takedown and be on TOP thus using the harsh environment against his attacker.
The unsaid assumption at play is that it is a GOOD idea to take the fight to the ground. This is plain nonsense.

the deceptive, quick, and expolosive nature of the shot (takedown) makes this relatively easy allowing you only one solid attack with which you must KO your opponent to avoid grappling.
This has no relevance to self protection. You will not face xpert wrestlers on the street. Again Bullshido is confusing sport environment with the street.

Grappling and ground-fighting skills are essential in amultiple opponent scenario with weapons involved. Put simply put you need grappling/groundfighting skills toutilize a weapon effectively
This is complete baloney. The author should consult CFA knife fighting tactics and digest them before commenting on this topic.

A good grappler can negate this by taking the bigger person to the ground and minimizing the distance the bigger opponent has to build momentum in striking.
More gibberish trying the justify the grappling bias. A blade is a great equalizer;)

Wrestling practice and competition is always full contact.
Simply not so. Where do we start?

It is small wonder that indoctrinated Bullshido cult members know so little about actual fighting. They think they know but they do not know.

How many REAL fights has Analtrocity been in? None but he still claims to be an expert in striking. I rest my case.


Let it be known that I am not a man. I am yellow bellied.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bullshido cannot back up their false claim

Bullshido are claiming my passport is fake. On Bullshido there is a rule; if you make a claim the onus is on you to prove it. You can't =

Bullshido Hypocrisy

Bullshido out of excuses

Bullshido keep changing their own rules to find excuses not to fight me. This is the bullshido that Challenge ME remember now they are saying I don't exist. The United States Department Of State say I do exist, go tell them they are lying.

I have sent a scan of my passport to Omega.

Meanwhile on their pathetic forum the accusations are flying thick and fast. Apparently I changed my blog profile to say martial arts instructor. It's always said that. And some of the comments here demonstrate the lack of reading comprehension. One ignoramus comments:
You really think this guy is for real? He won't even visit the forum or try and contact Omega.
Do I visit your forum? You work it out. Am I in contact with Omega? No, he fabricates the private messaging that he dishonorably re-posts on Bullshido. You fail.

This fight will happen if Omega ever plucks up the balls to come do this. I hear AnalTrocity has some balls he doesn't want ;)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bullshido back out ...again

Bullshido's cult enforcer Omega has backed out of the challenge match.
Kat Analtrocity Johnson backed out of his challenge fight just weeks ago.

Bullshido are hypocritical cowards who talk BS about travelling to beat your ass but do not deliver on that promise.

Just an observation but why is it that every time one of us traditionalists steps up, these c*ck sucking punk motherf*ckers had better start saying "In our club, in our rules, under our conditions"??? I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that ;)

Omega challenged me, now he's dropping out scratching out lame excuses like lines in the sand. His excuses are BS.

Omega, I hereby award you these Bullshido forum tags you two faced coward:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bullshido Video

The fight better still be on. If Omega drops out Bullshido will never hear the end of this

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The true cost of MMA teaching

“Mr. Jackson was arrested and has been transported to Orange County Central Booking where he remains in custody,” Dondero said. “He’s been charged with violations of felony hit-and-run, evading police, and reckless driving at the moment. Bail has been set at $25,000.”


Maybe Phro$$$t will give him a week's revenue from the site.
Just another tale of an MMA student breaking the moral and ethical codes of martial arts. As a student of MMA myself, it pains me that the teaching focuses purely on the physical and omits the important mental aspects. Carrying Martial Arts skills is a truly awesome responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, like Yin and Yang the physical tools must be balanced with mental responsibility. Fortunately I also train in Tang Soo Do Korean martial art so there is no danger that I would strike a child down with my custom monster truck emblazoned with a life size mural of me on the side, and fail to stop.

Bullshido cowardice

The cult harasses the diminutive Ashida Kim all over the internet. Same for the harmless Philip Elmoor, well intentioned Coda Scott. Since when has Bullshido chased big time bogey men like Grandmasters Dillman or Hatsumi who cult members are so keen to criticize from the comfort of their internet forum? Never.

Bullshido has the courage of a lion

Bullshido are cowards who only take the 'fight' with innocent small players. That is why Analtocity has backed out of his challenge fight with me, he underestimated me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Omega: Offer


I was in no way intending to involve the small human of indeterminate gender or age in this. YOU are the one that involved them. No one noticed until you kicked up a fuss.

You could have just asked. But oh no your ego wouldn't let you, it had to be a challenge match.

But maybe we can strike a deal on the shorty. I am prepared to remove the midget from the video and re-host it on the condition that you do not use it as an excuse to back out of your challenge. If you did that I might re-upload the midget version.

And as for the fight do you recognize that you will probably lose and should concede yet?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Omega already looking for an excuse to back out

Omega's official reason for challenging me is because I posted a video that includes footage of one of his McDojo students. The real reason is ego.

I would probably have edited the video if he'd asked nicely, the small person in the video (The face is all covered up in that Macho chop helmet, for all we know it's an adult midget) was not the target of my mockery. But Bullshido are incapable of intelligent conversation. Omega needs constant external validation in the form of circle jerking junior cult members so he challenges me instead. Not very mature.

Bullshido has no problems posting pics of 5-6 yr old black belts on their site and making fun of them. Bullshido can't really call the pot black being as they make all the homophobic, ridiculing and personal attacking records for the net. Now he cries, pussy!

And Bullshido's inner circle are already looking for a way to back out without the junior members of the cult realizing the cowardliness of Omega. Analtrocity, who himself challenged me and then backed out, offers this advice:
Unless "lawrence goldstein" can provide some verifiable information to prove that he exists and trains somewhere then no one should waste their time with him.
Prove that I exist? Like this is a chat robot typing this??? I don't have to prove anything, I am not the one making false claim and idiotic challenges. you guys need to prove that you're not cowards that's the proof that is conspicuously absent.

Bullshido are cowards looking for an excuse to back out

Response to Omega's challenge

Another day in the Coward-Do of Bullshido cult challenging people. Cult enforcer Omega "I will not travel to beat your ass" has made three challenges and already he has backout out of two of them.

Final Challenge: Abel/Fox/Lawerence
Last week of August, all three of you and any of you other idiots over there that want a piece of me. Unarmed combat, no rules my gym Santa Barbara the weekend of August 28th. Win or lose I want each of you to line up and take your turn with me.
We'll do it in the parking lot. I'll pick up the mats. We'll fight on the rug, cement, wood floor I'm not fucking around.

Just hours later Omega has chickened out of fighting either Fox or my friend Sifu Rudy Abel. The good sifu has been asked to spy on me for Bullshido which is naturally too cowardly and low an act for someone of the Sifu's standing. I have every confidence that the Sifu will tell Bullshido to do their own detective work and not sell out a long standing friend and loyal supporter.

The answer you've all be waiting for: will I fight Omega?
Yes. But not in his gym in California.

Omega, you challenge me you do the travelling. I am not too fussed where I beat your ass but find a neutral location in Arizona and we can talk. Any weekend in August should be good. The only proxy I will accept in your stead is your cult leader Phro$$$t.

* Waivers and a statement of consent must be signed before the bout.
* No time limit
* No protective equipment except groin protectors and mouth pieces.
* Concrete or hard surface
* You look after your costs I'll look after mine
* Tap rule so that I don't end up in jail for choking your sorry ass dead
* No throat or eye strikes

Agree with my terms or go screw yourself. YOU MADE THE CHALLENGE, I'VE STATED MY TERMS. Yes or No?

TSD, MMA & Judo

July's Douchbag is...

Despite fierce competition from a multitude of douchbags on Bullshido, cult leader Phros$$$t is July's douchbag of the month.

Hey Phro$$$t, why don't you do the usual douchbag thing and rip this off; have a regular feature on Bullshido like Douchbag of the month?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bullshido delusions III

According to Bullshido cult member Kid Miracleman, "some people don't know the difference between "sparring" and "street fighting."".

Well you got that much right kid. Bullshido doesn't know the difference, Cult leader Phro$$$t leads the way of delusion:
"I don't think anyone's saying drills are bad, just that when they're used instead of sparring, it's McDojoized BS done to avoid alienating (losing the business of) the sissies who want to be martial artists without actually fighting."
No, even if you spar that's still not "actually fighting" you idiot. Common sense; 1,000,788,788 : Bullshido; nil.

Toby Christensen said...

Fighting 3moose1 would be like punching a crippled baby seal or slapping a sack filled with gelatinous fat:
a worthless endeavour that is not wholly or entirely unpleasant.

The true nature of the martial law is wasted on this mindless prepubescent teen nitwit. The honour associated with the fighting arts is missing and lost amongst many of Bullshido's denizens, most notably on the likes of a 3moose1 and his gang of reprobates.

The 3moose1, Dagon the hipster, krazy kaju (accused of being a racist and fascist by the departed Hedgehogey), Claw the McMighty, the accursed Fickle Fingers of Fate and other greater "Motown" dwelling gang of gutterpunks are the United States equivalent to Chavs. I have watched their "throwdown" videos and saw no one minuscule iota of martial skill and instead saw only the grappling equivalent of a honey badger with lumbago attempting to sire an offspring with a pushbroom.

Among the whole of the Detroit lot we are treated to see the spectrum of American eating disorders: the greater sum of them are anorexic and make the Olson twins appear to be the type of fitness model that El Macho obsessively masturbates to.

Then there is the Fickle Finger of Fate whom I presume to be obese and appear to look quite a bit like Rosanne Barr's husband on her self-named television sit-com.

3moose1 deserves not one more story written about him as he is currently basking in the Bullshido limelight and making his own Bullshido thread's drawing attention to his newfound internet fame.

The Claw McMighty is currently hiding under his bed....or from the looks of his waiflike frame hiding under a throwrug.

Dagon is attempting to woo the ladies of Bullshdio with his hipster style and inviting underage boys to his pool party under the auspices of serving them milkshakes.

Krazy Kaju is most likely goose stepping down 8-mile wishing he was Eminem the real slim shady and awaiting his next opportunity to put on a tight, spandex singlet and roll on a mat with another sweaty man, like my twin brother the limp-wristed barrister.

The Fickle Fingers of Fate is most assuredly sitting in an easy chair in his stained boxer shorts, with a large bucket of the Colonel Sander's finest Kentucky Fried Chicken at his side, one sock on, one sock off, a bg of Frito's Corn Chips in his lap, bean-dipping and farting himself to sleep while watching a Monster Truck rally on his television.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Can Bullshido be Taught?

Much as one is frustrated in trying to teach a follish puppy to go to the door to indicate it's need to pee, so it is with trying to teach Bullshidoists the futility and embarrassing behavior that they exhibit every day on their retard-fest of a forum.

However I am forced to admit, that in hindsight several of Bullshido's "Top Dog's" apparently have been humiliated into recognizing the folly and utter shame of their previous behaviors.

Call it adversive conditioning, or simple recognition but maybe there is a hope;

Anatrocious; Has publicly isolated herself from her previous desires to be the resident big talker. Not a peep has been heard from this now "broken" mare.

Jordon; after the humiliating fight that became inter-net legend, left off with his cowering in a beaten up sidekick- completely terrified to finish the fight he so desperately wanted in the beginning before recognizing his lack of courage.

Mike Triangles; both having been publicly humiliated in the NY and US jujitsu communities, and suffering the coward of a teacher he has, like a ghost-just as I like it.

It is therefore feasible to assume that the new breed of retards such a Liguy, Moose, FFF, Kempo fist, Omega and their school chums will similarly be 'conditioned" to be the quiet little mice that they truly are.

Can we say gayhhheeee....wheeeeeee!

Remember girls, the street is not a nice cushy "throw down"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Detroit's Dumbf**k Challenger

Detroit is home to our country's failing car industry; a bloating innefficient mess with fat cats at the top and uneducated poor quality robots below. Detroit is also home to some Bullshido cultists; a bloating innefficient mess with fat cats at the top and uneducated poor quality robots below. My advise is buy a Toyota not the crappy US imitation.

I have been CHALLENGED to a "Throw down" yet again. After the embarrassing retraction of Analtrocity's fight challenge you would think Bullshido would learn but oh no, there is an endless stream of cultist suckers desperate for peer validation. Derek is one such moron, he should know that I do not attend throwdowns because I am happily heterosexual and only engage in proper training or fighting. Not crappy training and pretend fighting.

"i'd like to formally invite you to attend the Detroit Throwdown, in October. I promise this is not a trap, or anything of the sort, "

The beauty of empty threats on the internet. October is months off and there's the implied threat of a trap. Trapped by Bullshido sports fighting cultists so scary!!!!! Not. This is a challenge that he hopes I won't accept, it's empty words to appear a bigger player than he is in the mafia style organization that is Bullshido:

"come to Detroit. If you'd like, i'll pay for your plane ticket. "
Get real.

If Moose really dared fight me he wouldn't put it off to October. That's the actions of a scared idiot; procrastination. Yet more proof that Bullshido is pathetically incapable of defeating anyone under real conditions to prove their sports systems.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shamrola Responds.

Well it looks like the call of Bullshido on Joeseph Scarola did not go over like lemon pie on the 4th of July after all.

We are pleased to acknowledge that Joseph "apparently" sent the Bull Den the following introspective and insightful response to our grounded allegations of his contradictory advertising techniques;

"Well at least I was in TUF 6, so there"

Well. Joseph at the Bull Den we like to quote the wise words of one of our historical favorites, Mr. Adolph Hitler;

"Well at least I was in Russia"

So there.

Bullshido cannot comprehend efficiency

Efficient movement is the cornerstone of many traditional non-sports combat kung fu. Ving Tsun Kung Fu originates from the south of China and excels at short direct strikes that are employed at a high rate of fire to overwhelm one or more attackers.

The masters of Ving Tsun know that under real combat pressure you need a small but ruthlessly effective arsenal that can be adapted to almost any attack. Learning a wide range of mixed martial techniques invites indecision at the critical moment. This sophisticated simplicity makes Ving Tsun a winner in real fighting.

The below video of a Bullshido cult member shows these real world concepts are beyond the morons on that site.

The video is an uninformed attempt to mock a valid combat art, mocking the very thing that makes Ving Tsun more applicable to 99% of life and death combat situations than what you study metrokid.

Look at Dagon's incorrect posture and form when demonstrating the Ving Tsun vertical punch, he clearly is not proficient in Ving Tsun. Dagon is clearly an adolescent of below average intellect who has never been in a real fight in his life. Playground scuffles and rolling around in the park with your buddies does not qualify you to critique a self defense art Dagon. You are the symptom of the sick cult of Bullshido.

Analtrocty is Bullshido's biggest loser

I hear Staph is a great way to lose weight!
I'd like to nominate female Mixed-fighter Kat of Bullshido fame for a special round of applause. Not only is she planning to fight men twice her weight but she is planning multiple open-weight challenge fights in the near future. Kat now weighs in at just 145lb, down from 197lb.

Well done Analtrocity!

Monday, July 7, 2008

SCAROLA is Bullshido

In breaking bit of news, this web blog has received several violent and threatening personal Messages in regards to the recent breaking Scarola story.

It seems that at least 1 student of Mr. Scarola's has taken issue with my interpretation of Joseph's behavior on the TUF 6 season as cowardly, disrespectful and completely unsporting. A true martial artist knows respect, honor and integrity, facets Scarola clearly does not.

The only thing overpowering about Scarola is his arrogance

Well we at the Bull Den would like to call BULLSHIDO on these threatening, posturing attempts to deflect the reality of the situation.

Having Mr. Scarola claim the title of "TUF SEASON CONTENDER" is complete and utter bull. In no way do we believe that Joseph Scarola has earned the right to award himself "That merit badge".

Scarola insists his students treat him with a deference he is not worthy of. The NUMBER ONE rule at his dojo: 1. Always show respect to your instructors

On the subject of rules, Scarola is a hypocrite who preaches "Not giving your best during training detracts from both you and your partner’s experience. ". Not like the pussy Scarola did on TUF then!

The REAL contenders of TUF season 6, plus a token girl.

Scarola's student Mikey Triangles has shown nothing except the apparent poor teaching methods and attitude developed at the "Scarola" academy.

We at the Bull den believe the keystone of any great school is a great ~Teacher.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lessons Bullshido can learn from Never Back Down.

The film Never Back Down (NBD) (TRAILERS) has may lessons that Bullshido can learn from.

There can be no doubt that the main members have seen the film given its Rating of PG-13. What this also means is that about 90% of the members are about the right age to see the film, however, sharing and understanding the true underlying message of the film cannot be trusted to the likes of Spataminger and Simeo the faker.

The first point of call is to read the interview by Sean Faris(star of NBD) here:- INTERVIEW
This is important as it will highlight that its just a film people and isnt real! Now that we've got that the next list of points will will help to clear up some of the falsity in the Bullshido belief that:-

1. Organized MMA bouts between high schoolers is apparently legal.

2. All high school students in Orlando have iPhones and they have embraced new media and Web 2.0 applications.

3. Beating three guys in broad daylight in a fit of road rage will not result in your arrest. Additionally, a video of said beating posted to a YouTube-like website will result in a boost in your popularity among your high school peers.

4. is ironically not a real website as the film would like you to believe. (how many of you bullshido guys went there to bookmark to try to star in it??)

5. Djimon Hounsou, who probably should have won an Oscar for Blood Diamond, will definitely win one for Never Back Down.

6. Getting viciously beaten and slammed against cars and concrete will leave you with only a busted lip.

7. NBD is about violence, promoting violence and answering everything with violence and anger (something all too common amongst bullshido's cult following). SOURCE

I would like to quote from Sean Faris' interview. In a question asking why he thinks most people get into MMA, he answers, “I think maybe a lot of them start off in it to kick ass, but inevitably if they have proper trainers - you know, proper masters or Senseis or what not that really, really teach what it is truly about, what martial arts is really about: it’s about self-control essentially… My character has a change of heart and he starts to see how happy he is when he’s got self-control.” How many of the bullshido posse can relate to this?

How many can truly say they have self control. The main members have a lot to learn about being role models and one can only hope that they read the message from Sean Faris' interview.

Its a sad state of affairs when this star who Bullshido would label a "newbie" or badge a "white belt" or whatever has learned more in 3 months training than some have in their said years of learning or training. It only helps to prove that Bullshido does not get what martial arts is about.

Bullshido members constantly feel the need to prove themselves by challenging left right and center and travelling to partake in challenge fights in order to gain the Bullshido TAGS of approval and a false sense of bullshido fame. This loss of self-control, bullying and violence is the very epitomy of bullshido and of the main bad guy in the film (the 2 it seems are on in the same).

The bad guy is bullshido.I leave bullshido with a final lesson from Sean Farris and can only hope they are mature enough empty their cups / beer bottles / protein shakers: “The message is very clear that a lot of fighting occurs out of insecurity and fear. Our message was pretty clear, I thought, that you need to learn to fight for the right reasons and fight to defend yourself and fight to defend those you love. And that doesn’t really happen to my character until he starts to train in MMA because he learns the discipline and self-control that goes along with it.”

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence day message

232 years ago today our forefathers penned the sacred declaration that sanctifies freedom and liberty. Some say that the events leading up to this monumental occasion started by some cross-dressing Bostonians attending a fancy dress boat party and got a bit carried away. Maybe, but their drunken vandalism set the scene for the greatest revolution in history, and we are indebted to this day and celebrate our freedom on this day every year.

But the cult members of Bullshido cannot celebrate this because they still live under the censorship and hypocrisy of Stalinist Phro$$$Tshidoism. We pity them.

A wall poster in Phro$$$t's palatial office

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bullshido Serves up Bullshido; Uncertified Frauds Host Un-Official Dog Brothers Seminar

Of all the possible gaffs the Bullshido masses could have committed, this takes the cake.... and eats it too.

From a very reliable Bullshido Insider, who has recently come over to the Bull-Den on our very own Chu Hoy Program- it was revealed that certain members of the cult hosted an obviously unskilled, un-certified, un-believably gay Stick fighting seminar as can be viewed in the accompanying video clips.

You will note the ridiculous leaping and prancing, as if they were 2 woodland elves out collecting elderberries. Also notice the deadly proven DBMA patented spin kicks seen throughout this perverse pornographic anal-arnis.

At this time it certainly appears that if this "Dog-Fuck" of a stick fighting seminar registers at the level of Bullshido on par with Ashida Kim's Testicular Retraction seminars of the 80's. Note the flabby arms flailing wildly- much akin to some obese peasant mother thrashing her fields in post war Ukraine.

Identified in the 1st video is Bullshido member KempoFist and some other faceless loser, neither of whom has any certifiable stick combat training what so ever as is clearly evidenced by this sickening display of retard caning;
In the 2nd video we see equally crappy skills (or lack there of) from Bullshido 'big guns' Omega and Plasma.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bullshido throw downs a haven for disease

Attending a Bullshido throw down is a potentially life threatening situation. Not because anyone at these LARPing events has serious martial skills, or because they spar too hard (lol as if). But because the Throw Downs are a mecca for contagious skin diseases such as Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), fungi Dermatophytosis (Ringworm), Cytomegalovirus and Scabies. Partaking in injected steroid abuse with shared needles spreads Hepatitis and HIV.

These diseases are all common currency in the sports grappling community where men and unwashed half-men roll around in the throws of intimate combat on grubby matting.

Staph is God's cancer for the sins of MMA masses. Do not attend these disease ridden events for your own personal safety. Personal hygiene is no defense if you roll around with diseased sinners.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Matt Thornton interview

Uncontested claims

Some of the blog entries here have been sternly challenged by various Bullshido representatives(despite the obviously limited intellect of the challengers) to the best of their ability.

What is very telling is that some of my blog entries have gone completely untested. In particular the most recent estimation of Bullshido's value.

It appears that the average 'cannon fodder' members of Bullshido have no means of disputing the facts surrounding the huge capital that is being milked from them.

Phro$$$t claims to make nothing from the site but when confronted with the estimated value of the site NOTHING is said.


Attempting to evaluate the psyche of the Bullshido "Travel to roll with many rules to beat your ass" member is not an easy task to define. Many of these members obviously harbour past physical or mental abuses, drug abuses or the long standing "Little Man Syndrome" that in our best estimate is the case with our very own Mikey Triangles.

When reviewing the absolute retarded vehemence in which the self proclaimed NAGA champ and his merry band of loser blue belts attempted to pursue and punish the legendary str33t jutitsu fighter AL Perry, one thing has become glaringly obvious; Mikey Triangles has had a negative influence in his Martial Arts training, that has skewed his internal moral registry of such things as HUMILITY and RESPECT.

Regard exhibit A; the alleged advert for the Scarola Jujitsu camp, Mikey's training facility. Now what should be immediately obvious to all is the glowing and obvious reference to his implied involvement in the TUF season 6 competition. For those in the know, Joseph Scarola was notorious for his having NOT been a true "competitor" during that television series, being as he arguably shamed and disappointed not only his own Sensei, but also the shows creator Dana White, by failing to uphold his obligations and exhibit the true Bullshido Warriors code.

Also note that the figure in the advert purported to be Mr. Scarola is exhibiting a glaring, aggressive and presumably arrogant "Mad Dog" facial expression. In the opinion of the writer, in no way is that a necessary feature to attract "respectful" students as seems apparent with his students Mad Max mentality in regards to the Al Perry Fiasco. It might seem that a friendlier picture taken with a smiling Mr. Scarola, possibly surrounded by children would convey a much more positive and influencial message.

This leaves one to consider the possibility that Mikey Triangles is the victim of a school that is full of unwarranted bravado and arrogance? Regardless, the actions of the Mikey Triangle "GANG" have served only to smear another layer of hatred and violence across the pages of the Bullshido empire.

Matt Thornton = Bullshido?

My father, RIP, was a terrible hypocrite. He always told me when I was growing up to respect others and never steal. However upon his death I learned that that was all a charade; among his possessions was a substantial quantity of pilfered office stationary. I got a stapler out of it so not all bad.

But, how many father figures are actually rolling contradictions? That is after all why Bullshido criticises so many Grand Masters of the Martial Arts.

So who is Bullshido's spiritual father and is he a hypocrite? Yes, Matt Thornton sings one song and plays another. Matt preaches against image defined martial artists in one breath, and is super-sensitive about his image on another. The guy is clearly obsessed with gaining external validation for his views and writing. That is after all why he deletes comments from his blog. I don't delete the comments from my blog I don't deny criticism. Martial arts, traditional MA, has taught me humility. Maybe Matt should take up a traditional art and become a better man?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bullshido = why Matt Thornton is wrong

The Bullshido cult's messiah is Matthew Thornton. He's not their leader, Phro$$$t is, but he is their god. This is because my friend Matt is highly articulate and a BJJ black belt. All BJJ Blue Belts and above are demigods in Bullshido doctrine.

You see, Bullshido is desperate for external validation, and association with unrelated but successful martial artists provides this validation. As Matt once told me over a beer "The image motivated Martial Artist will always require certificates, uniforms, lineage, ritual, hierarchy, titles, and most importantly, an AUDIENCE that is willing to play along with the image.". Lets check that list off:

Certificates: Bullshido investigations place a great emphasis on certification

Uniforms: Some Bullshido cult members wear skank Thai shorts 24-7.

Lineage: BJJ is the most lineage obsessed art in the universe. People say that BJJ is measured on performance but this is pure bullsh$t, it is measured by how far removed you are from a Gracie, i.e. how much you will pay towards some has been Brazilian scumbag's next failed film project.

Ritual: Sucking Omega's cock in public is required. Failure to do so results in an army of lesser cult members following you around the forum saying "Fail" and "Faggot" a lot.

Hierarchy: Supporting member , Sponsor, Forum leader, Admin, Phro$$$t, BJJ Blue Belt

Titles: "I will travel to beat your ass", "Fite ducker", "Professional fighter", "instructor", "BJJ Brown" etc.

AUDIENCE: Hey watch me I am so important

So where did Matt go wrong? Well Matt is one of my best friends but I will say this; his job is selling BJJ and his brand of coaching which he calls "Aliveness". Like many image driven martial artists Matt loves to sing the virtues of his approach and ignore the bits that don't quite add up. Being a wordsmith he loves nothing more than spinning some complex crap on the internet and then jerking off in amusement as hundreds of BJJ cult members buy the effluence of his outpouring. This is how Matt gets his kicks, his all important external validation.

In his desperation to sell his concept, Matthew makes the fundamental mistake that sparring counteracts the ego. This is obviously nonsense as sparring or "rolling" is a common form of validation, particularly in the Bullshido doctrine.

I'll let Matt have the last word: "PEOPLE are ATTRACTED to THINGS that CONFIRM and IMAGE they WANT to have of THEMSELVES, that's why Bullshido videos its light contact throw downs and makes out that they are hardcore combat" (Matt).

Saturday, June 28, 2008

ANATROCIOUS; Self styled drug dealing gang wanna be.

Now it should come as no surprise to the growing masses of Bullshido-exposers, that in order to rise in the ranks of Bullshidentology you must exhibit sufficient chest puffing and publicized machoistic idiocy (of course with no actual fighting acomplishment or merit) to warrant the inevitablebal licking of the other Bullshido shitheads. The risk or danger in this of course lies firmly and clearly in the examples of the highly disgraced Mikey Try-again-angles and superfly Jimmy Jordan Snooka .

However it should come as no surprise that one of the Main Bullshido staffers and administrators, Anatrocity is infact a self professed wanna-be ghetto girl, lowering herself to the extent of using and "engaging" in illegal drugs, and maintaining an arsenal of "favored gang styled weaponry" which she proudly displays on youtube like some neglected, spolied rich middle class suburbanite.

The unfortunate fact is that she has absolutely no firearms or marksmanship skills what so ever, has absolutely no gun safety awareness, and further presents a very negative image to the martial arts as a whole by wearing her filthy, sweaty Thai shorts to the local municipal park to (illegally?) fire off her "Gangsta Gat".

A truly pathetic display if I've ever seen so. Especially insulting to the many legitimate law enforcement and Military martial artists who openly resent such glorification of gun violence, gang life and the overall negative image presented to our youth. But of course Bullshido knows little of LEGITMATE Military or Law enforcement matters.

It appears that more weight is carried on Bullshidos roster by firing off your Gat, than actually backing your play.

Over and out.

Bullshido break own rules

Bullshido's hypocrisy should not come as a surprise to you, but the latest embarrassment takes their idiocy and double standards to new levels.

As you may recall Anna Trocity, a transgender mixed-fighter recently challenged myself and my friend Sifu Rudy Abel to fight him/her. Trocity backed out, but claims victory stating "i've still got your 1K but the original offer was for you to come collect it." i.e. Trocity is the challenger, but that the challengee (me) has to travel half way across the country to fight him/her.

Ok, let's step back a bit. How many would-be challengers have been hounded off Bullshido because they weren't prepared to travel to fight the people they challenged. If I hereby challenge karate star Bas Ruttan to a fight to the death, does that make him a coward and a fight ducker for not travelling to face me? Of course not, it's common sense and common courtesy for the challenger to do the travelling. Trocity wanted to fight me not vice versa I never challenged her. Same for her backing out of the Sifu Rudy Abel match.

And to reinforce the protocol you need look no further than Bullshido's inner cult members themselves:
JnP: "The onus of travel falls upon the person who is the challenger, not the challengee, according to protocols in place long before any forum members here were born. Sorry gentlemen, but that's the way it has been done here on Bullshido in the past and pretty much throughout recent history."
Ronin: "UNLESS the challenger is willing to GO to the challengee, its never gonna happen.AND ANYONE putting up ANY challenge SHOULD be the one to move their ass"

There you have it, Trocity is a fight ducking coward and bullshido artist of the lowest order.

Trocity's reaction to this blog entry? A private message on You Tube video hosting: "The rules don't apply to me."

How can a martial artist be so arrogant????????

Bullshido fear public critique

Bullshido's best known gender-confused mixed-fighter, Anna Trocity, holds itself as the authority on good stand up technique. Yet he/she does not have the required good stand up technique, {it} is far from an expert.
Anna on Bullshido: "Show me some vid of his sparring so I can judge whether he deserves to be called a "good standup fighter"." There you have it, someone who considers themselves qualified to pass judgement on other people's stand up fighting technique.
In a twist of irony and hypocrisy she then says on Bullshido "Anyways, numbers [of victories] count for nothing. Until you see someone in action you know basically nothing about them."
Ok,... so her record in the sport of ladies kickboxing doesn't count for anything. Oh, but apparently it does: (from Youtube) "I'm 8-1 in kickboxing. I hold my hands where I please."

Meanwhile he/she revealed its true colors, why it hates our friend Sifu Rudy Abel so much: He does Kung Fu. Trocity is all for tolerance of sexual-orientation but is dismissive and intolerance of authentic martial arts. This is 'natural' within the cult of bullshido where outsiders are viewed with suspicion and fear in equal measure. Trocity goes so far as to openly display {its} bigotry on the forum; "Everyone knows that you cant take a kung fu practitioners claims about someones "standup" at face value should be obvious."

Meanwhile on Youtube where I dared to dish out some of there own medicine and critique his/her and cult leader Phro$$$t's sparring form, Trocity is desperate for a comeback in the comments section:

"Oh yes, you forgot to point out that I am going very very lightly. I'm primarily a boxer, yet I'm mostly just playing around with leg kicks, I wonder if that means that I'm just fucking off for fun? " I laughed hard at these excuses. Imagine telling your Sifu that you failed the grading because "I wasn't trying". In Martial Arts it is about dedication and determination. Clearly Trocity is ignorant of this.

"Whats up with the "keep your hands up" bullshit? I'm 8-1 in kickboxing. I hold my hands where I please."
This stupid comeback speaks volumes. Pride comes before a fall, or in Trocity's case, before, during and after a fall.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bullshido's latest attack on free speech

The First Amendment states:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In the past weeks Bullshido has systematically restricted my freedom of expression by removing posts relating to my Blog and the subsequent challenge match that Anna Trocity ducked out of. Bullshido is to free speech what Hitler was to tolerance except Bullshido tolerates transgender mutants.

I have used You Tube video broadcasting to highlight Bullshido's failings. Bullshido has now attacked me on You Tube. I believe Bullshido cult activists hacked my password. I have seen the evidence with my own eyes. But the vandals messed up; I caught them straight away before they could hijack the account. But not before they'd deleted my videos and abused my messaging.

Well here's a message to the Bullshido activists.

I have simply deleted the Bullshidos account and re uploaded the videos under .

The Real Bull Den will always win against your inept cult members' attacks Phro$$$t mark my words.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bullshido in denial

Just days after Kat Johnson's climb down in her challenge fights with respected Kung Fu sifu Rudy Abel, and me, Bullshido has quietened down and returned to the intellectual wasteland it is at its core. The suppression of the challenge fight threads on their forum allows the junior cult members to clasp onto the hope that it never happened. Wanting is believing and Bullshido cult members are desperate to believe in their site.

Junior members are attempting to redefine the Bullshido entity as distinct from any individual. Ironic because only two days ago the whole site's identity rested on the completely unqualified shoulders of Mixed Fighting transgender fite ducker Kat Johnson. In this climate of denial the staff are desperate to refocus away from the key inner sanctum of senior bullshido cult staff. Cult leader Phrost Fletcher is conspicuously absent.

This Blog is only whispered about in hushed tones, with blatant attempts to dismiss my blog as insubstantial criticism. It is not, my points are valid.

a. Bullshido is a money making machine run by Neal Fletcher at the expense of the junior cult members

b. Bullshido is hypocritical and not true to its misguided aims

c. Bullshido is 99% ego. Kat Johnson is 200% ego.

d. The average bullshido member could not defeat my six year old nephew who studies TaeKwonDo. That includes the staff and flagship "fighters"

Feedback from the Bullshido cult members
The site seems to attack Bullshido members individually, but Bullshido is based on the simple philosophy that real life effectiveness, or its most reasonable approximation, is the best measurement of a martial art. Nothing I found on challenges that philosophy.
No, Bullshido is founded on ego. Cults operate via strict hierarchy. You are at the bottom of the pile Bjjgame even your screen name shows a need to identify with a group strong than yourself ("Bjj"). Omega, Kat fite ducker Johnson, Samuel Brownass, Phrost $$$ Fletcher are all figureheads of your cult. It is a cult not a movement get out while you still can.

Attacking Bullshido members is ultimately useless,
No it is not. Where's Kat fite ducker Johnson the internet addict? Yeah that's right she shut right up when she realized someone might actually face her. One down 64000 to go. Like fighting multiple opponents, give the ringleaders a bloody nose and the rest (like you) run away with your tails between your fat legs.

You will lose this war, get used to it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bullshido Sparring analysis

Bullshido cover-up part two

I had an enquiry from a confused Bullshido cult member wondering where the Kat & Rudy fight thread on Bullshido had gone. So I went to investigate and what would you know, they've deleted it so that their own members will not see the massive fail that Kat has suffered after her latest cries for attention. Pathetic. Stalin would be proud.

The only forum on the Internet that will beat your ass for running your mouth; APPARENTLY NOT

It is no secret that after the absolute and complete embarrassment that has suffered after the string of failed sanctioned trips to combat the naysayers of the Bullshido cult, things have changed drastically for the kids.

Following the humiliation of KAT-VS-OMAR, where upon the ridiculous, sneaker clad, "Im a cage-fighter" chanting anatrocity was too scared to even engage the tiny OMAR and then bullied into a quivering, voice cracking shell when she was met with a verbal barrage of linguistic brilliance from JFS. Compound that with the absolutely embarrassing display by JORDAN, who in the annals of MMA history will forever be known for the idiocy of attempting a Roddy Piper double leg followed by fleeing into the nearby, duct taped sidekick and cowering while being taunted to exit to meet his death.

Nearly "ass" bad was the overzealous idiocy of Mikey Triangles (lol) and "gang" when they became the absolute laughing stock of the MMA forums (and beyond) by dragging their pre-pubescent featherweight blue belt builds to strut their stuff like the fucking silly TUF glitter boys they are. Publically humiliated they were left to slowly retreat into the shadows of the masses like so many others of the unknown MMA no-bodies that frequent Bullshido.

It is no wonder Neil Fletcher, in a fit that would serve him to pull out his own hair( if that were possible), has had to literally forbid these retards from embarrassing or damaging his empire any further. And who can blame him?

There are plenty more of the loser-cum-"no future in MMA" tough guys waiting in the wings, like;

Maverick "The Fastest Cock-out" Z
- A terrible, yet fluky, amateur and we do mean amateur fighter (lol).

- The biggest mouth with the fattest belly of the entire community and absolutely zerooooo talent.

Tom "hey has anyone seen my depends?" Kagan
- the senile, stroke stricken coffin dodger of the this little Family.

And last but not least ....
- that loveable, apparently mildly retarded, giggle monster that can turn any fight into a Disney Classic.

Sadly, the Bullshio banner should be logically changed to read.... ..... WE SURRENDER!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bullshido's Worth

With thanks to the anonymous comments in our previous money related post I have been alerted to the following website ( that checks the value of a domain in monetary terms.

So = $425,534" style="border:0;">

This website is worth">What is your website worth? = $930,895" style="border:0;">

This website is worth">What is your website worth? = $946,084" style="border:0;">

This website is worth">What is your website worth? = $154,975" style="border:0;">

This website is worth">What is your website worth?

So as we can see the value of this collective of websites runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I hope all the registered members who cough up the $20 fee (after the pressure of having it pointed out on enough occassions) are happy that they pay this money so Fat Cat Fletcher can generate all this revenue.

Kat's new Bullshido tags

We at The Real Bull Den would like to congratulate Bullshido Mixed-Fighter Kat Johnson on her upcoming awards of the highly contested "Fite Ducker" and "I will not travel to beat your ass" tags.

The Bullshido tradition of awarding forum tags is based on the Girl Scouts model. It is completely uncool to have patches on your gi (Adidas excluded), it is completely cool to have hundreds of little tags next to your forum name. It's not ironic at all. These tags replace traditional belt colors in the Bullshido cult hierarchy.

Kat's new tags:
"Fight Ducker is really cool, it was designed by Annatrocity for this occasion" said cult leader Phrost. "I wish I could duck some more fites and earn that tag it's almost as cool as ironing my blue belt in the nude".
Kat was not available to comment, as he was busy polishing his pocket sword in celebration.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bullshido back out in Challenge fights drama

Despite many claims to the contrary, there is now compelling evidence that Kat "Analtrocity" Johnson has no balls. Although the gender question remains unproven either way.

Just two days ago Johnson challenged ME to a fight in a series of private messages on Youtube.

She has now backed out of the challenge fight, but not before providing a disturbing insight into the mind of a gender-confused. MMA mixed fighter.

Here are a full transcript of the chain of messages between Youtube user accounts AnnaTr0city and Bullshidos. You can make your own mind up:

1. AnnaTrocity 3 days ago
You should consider fighting me. I suspect you'll type less trash when I break all your fingers.

2. Bullshidos' reply
why would I fight you I don't fight girls. I won't pay for your sexual fetish S&M bullcrap either. Go cry for attention elsewhere. And see my blog if you pick a fight with me I will humiliate you in every way

3. Annatrocity
Keep in mind you keep calling me a transvestite so you should have no problems fighting me. Personally I think you're an ACA based troll trying to goad me into going to a challenge match where no one will show. As such i will reimburse your travel expenses, provide a reasonable venue and put 1000 dollars in your hand if you beat me. If you don't beat me I will insure that you're shitting your own teeth out for a week.

4. Bullshidos
are you a transvestite? I don't want your money.

I don't stoop to the lows of taking money off the people I beat on unlike you mixed fighting whore Why don't you pick a fight with someone you could beat, like Neal Fletcher? Leave the real fighters alone and go back to your hole on bullshido

5. Annatrocity
I can't believe you seriously asked if i'm a transvestite. hilarious.

Anyways, like I said, you're no fighter, if you were then you'd be in the process of setting up the fight right now. Better come get me while I hav e a broken nose, you might have a chance.

6. Bullshidos
Are you a tranny? Serious, I'm wondering. why would I accept a fight with someone with a history of backing out like you did to Omar??? you are unreliable and not to be trusted. You don't have USD 1,000 so I know you are lying.

7. Annatrocity
See this is the part where i seriously consider sending my birth certificate and drivers liscense, with a big fat F on them but that would be foolish because you're just a dumb ACA troll.I didnt back out of the fight with omar, JFS got in my face from the get go and wanted to fight in front of women walking their kids to a public building.

Fuck that. Why not move a mile down the road where no one would see and no one goes to jail? Omar was a scrawny twerp, 3 inches shorter, arms smaller then mine and a giant pot belly.He's about as scary as my little sister.

Anyways, you're a coward, ask me for a picture of my money, i'll late it all out for you right now with a note that says fuck you specially written :)
T(roll) on

8. Bullshidos
You still haven't answered the gender query. People are wondering. maybe a snapshot of you and your money would help me take you seriously. That and a public challenge to me on bullshido. I don't trust promises made in secret how do I know you are good to your word when only you and I know he deal? This is more proof you are lying. I have a business to run I don't take your threats seriously. Get real.

9. Annatrocity
The gender "query" troll is incredibly stupid. I'm obviously a far as money goes you're fooling yourself if you think that 1000 isn't particularly easy for me to come by.
Not pictured is the 7000 dollar UZI(vid of me shooting it on youtube) which i actually just sold giving me even more play money then what I already had.

[I've reproduced the photo she/he provided below in case it is removed:]

10. Annatrocity
so did you get my reply with the picture of the money or not?

11. Bullshodos
Not. Pls send again. Sorry.

12. Bullshidos
Oh yeah I got it. Sorry for doubting your feminine completeness. The pic of the money isn't convincing. It doesn't have you in the frame it could be anybody's money. And no public challenge on Bullshido. Until you go public with your challenge and terms I will not be taking you seriously.

13. Annatrocity
You've posted nothing about yourself, I'm not going to issue a challenge to "anonymous". I need to know your size, what name you go by, where you live, any number of factors that could affect things.

In any case if you think I've not got a little money to burn you're mistaken.

[I've reproduced the photos she/he provided below in case they are removed:]

13. Bullshidos
My name is on Sifu Abdel's forum and has been for days. You might not remember me but I remember what Bullshido did to me. I'm in Tennessee in mid July else I'm in Arizona you pick which is better. Not saying more than that. Post your challenge and USD 1,000 promise in public on Bullshitho or it's not going to happen.

14. Annatrocity
mid july might work but probably not as I have a broken nose at the moment.Wha did bullshido do to you?

15. Bullshidos
I've given you the benefit of the doubt thus far re gender. I do not fight the milder sex but you sound like a man and I have heard from several sources including my spies in Bullshido staff that you are a boy. That is why you don't do nude on your mixed fighting yes?

I am satisfied with your proof of the money. Again I am giving you the benefit of the doubt because you ignored my request to have you in the picture. However there are factors that lead me to believe your pictures of the banknotes are genuine.

However you are still not complying with my request of a public challenge with terms on Bullshido. Believe me if anything happens to me or my family the police will know exactly where to start looking. But I believe a public challenge mitigates the risk that you will do anything stupid with those toys of yours because even someone of low intelligence like you knows that turning up to a challenge fight and shooting an innocent opponent will wind you up on death row in Tennessee. Think about that before you do something stupid.

Comply with my condition immediately upon receipt of this message or consider the challenge void and I will post this humiliating backing-out on my blog and my friend Rudy's board for all to see.

16. Annatrocity
Benefit of the doubt? hilarious. I thought that you had simply backtracked my photobucket account where my drivers license and birth certificate are both posted. None to computer savvy, eh?
Anyways, i'm done with this challenge match shit. I even told rudy it was over. I'm tired of this crap.

By the way, i dont do nude partially because i'm not that much of a whore and partially because that would be prostitution, which is illegal, while what I do is not.

So she has admitted to making and failing to deliver upon TWO seperate challenges leaving her with a perfect record in these matters of 0-3 (including her failed challenge with Kung Fu stylist 'Omar'). It is the the first time she's ever owned a perfect record (albeit perfect in the sense of losses).

Maybe the F on her birth certificate stands for 'Fail' since it surely cannot be female.


Not less than 10 minutes after our breaking coverage of the thinly vieled threats by Bullshido tough man Ana-Trocity, our field reporters have observed an escalation in the threat level to Mr Rudy and his family from the gat-packing, drug addicted E-girl.

Above is the breaking picture apparently posted by Trocity on the Bullshido website, seeming to show the area near the residence of Mr. Abel, a clear attempt to harass, annoy or otherwise threaten in this reporter's humble opinion. The chilling comments that accompanied this screen shot seem to clearly convey her intentions;
Does this intersection look familiar?
For a guy who goes out of his way to make a lot of online enemies you sure are easy to find on
One is left to ponder whether she shall actually identify Mr Rudys personal residence by sight, or worse yet, pack her Merry gang of toughs into her pimped out side kick, set her spinners to stun, and travel "heated" to confront him in some illegal manner, possibly to do him harm?
Stay tuned. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Abel family at this time of crisis.


Ladies and Gentleman and Transgendered folks, we at The Real Bull Den have just become aware of a grave situation at our offices. It appears that the constant scrutiny and public outcry over the Bullshido cults activities has forced a drastic and very alarming response on their part.

It appears that legendary Bullshido Tough Guy, Kat-"Im Wearing filthy sox" AnaTrocity, has recently issued an apparent veiled threat against her arch- Nemesis Sifu Rudy Abel on the official Bullshido website. Please refer to the below passage from the brutes post;

Your weapon sucks and I'd ruin you. If you truly feel that your oak staff is to dangerous then why not accept the challenge the the rattan staff originally suggested??I gave you a perfectly acceptable and reasonably safe challenge where we could settle matters, you're the one trying to turn it into another fuckin duel to the death JFS bullshit thing.Accept or don't accept. If you don't accept I'll write you off as a coward and you can go your merry way, if you ever mention me again then we'll butt heads again. It's that simple. All you ever had to do is not antagonize me.By The way, Would you like me to send you some flowers or chocolates?I'm not sure which it is but i have either your home or school address. One of those. 6261 sound familiar?

Now it appears that "Flowers or Chocolates" is INFACT reference or "gang-slang" for Gat's or firearms. Anatrocity has made no secret of her vast illegal arsenal which she openly conceals and transports illegally across federal jurisdictions.

We are legally obligated to inform Sifu Abel of this imminent risk to his person, and have dispatched an e-mail to this effect.

Please stay tuned to the Bull Den for more groundbreaking news on this developing story.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bullshido $$$

The website of is an instrument of internet McDojoism.

Phrost's message board claims over 64,000 members.

If 5% become supporting members of the cult, @ $20 per year smat fees that's $64,000 per year before Google ads, T-shirts, sponsorship and donations.

Phrost you fat cat

Friday, June 20, 2008

Spying opportunity

Bullshido cult members, Supporting members and Staff wanted to spy on Bullshido.

Apply via Comments to this advert detailing username on Bullshido. Register on Youtube and message "Bullshidos" there. Emails and other insecure mediums will be ignored.

Prefix first contact with "DO NOT PUBLISH THIS COMMENT, I AM A SPY"

You are not alone.

The Racism continues at Bullshido

After the most recent alarming expose on the obesely- overweight territorial air reserve loser, know by screen name Simon de la Rocas, and his blatant anti-asian and anti-homosexual/gay and bi friendly comments- the Bull Den investigative team has discovered there is infact. long running racial divide and accompanying racial tension in the ranks of the Bullshido nerd-hood.

In the following video, located by our undercover investigative staff we have uncovered evidence of what are being called "MARSHMALLOW PARTIES" fast becoming a favorite. Even more alarming is the fact that this video was apparantly "produced" by non other that Bullshido member Anatrocity; already identified as the co-owner of a "full contact fetish" service of questionable legal, or safety-insured status.

It seems there exists a Militant Afro-American element know as the "Blackshido", who pursue activities intended to torment, humiliate and emasculate targeted Caucasio-Americans,in apparent attempts to "settle up with the man for past injustices".

This perverted contest entails Blackshido members cruising the seedy "Gay Curious Bathhouses " of the American Mid-west, where they target overweight, unsuccessful white house-husbands whose wives are generally disinterested or cheating on them vivaciously. These victims or "Marshmallows" as they are know in the inner circle are then invited to closed door after club parties at local grappling clubs.

Once inside, these Mallows are soon to learn that they are nothing more than pudgy, beer bellied grappling dummies for their talented Afro-American overlords, and are often subjected to hours of manhandling until the thrill of the game tires, and they are thrown out into the gutter, torn, bruised and battered.


We at the Bull Den sit in disgust left to ponder the question as to when this rampant racist activity at Bullshido will be shut down once and for all.

Bullshido drama FAIL continues

Bullshido's very own attention seeking transgender mixedfighter Anna "Kat" Trocity is threatening to fight me. I am soooo scared. Not.

At the same time she is attempting to weasel out of her misguided challenge match with Bullshido's arch enemy Kung Fu Sifu Rudy Abdel. The lesbian's last attempt at internet fame failed miserably after she backed out of fighting a Kung fu fighter called Omar in 2007. On the same occasion she froze when faced with Kung Fu Sifu John Springer's Eagle Claw thrusting technique.

She now wants to regain the limelight among the cult members by challenging Sifu Abdel who previously defeated her ally Fat Anthony in an MMA fight. This latest episode too has Drama and Politics and Fail written all over it.

Meanwhile on Bullshido this latest attention seeking outburst has drawn much veiled criticism from influential member and Rudy double-agent KempoFist:
I know I'm going to take some flak for it, but lets be for real here. Kat's not been very active on Bullshido for the last few months, and what better way is there to grab attention and re-establish her presence than to start a Rudy challenge thread? It was guaranteed from the start to be page after page of drama, and by the time it finally dies down, all the people who were not familiar with Kat before definitely will be familiar with her after. The thread was brilliant, really. In one motion Kat burst back into view of the older memebers who may have forgotten a bit about her, and at the same time was able to attatch a whole new generation of sycophantic noobs firmly to her labia. Bravo, I say.

The girl is clearly uneducated. Her latest attempt to wriggle out of the fight:

Rudy doesnt seem to want a peice [sic.] of me weather [sic.] with weapons or straight up [Ed. As in mixedfighting straight up?] MMA rules. You have to be pretty f^^kin cowardly to refuse a fight with someone you outweigh by 80 pounds under straight up MMA.

With weapons Rudys size would have counted for nothing so I can understand him backing diown [sic.], but from MMA, after challenging 0-1 143lb Sirc to the same thing?

What a coward.

The Real Bull Den will watch this drama closely

Bullshido in Meltdown?

Bullshido seems to have gone into meltdown in a few short days since this blog first came to their attention, with everybody who is nobody challenging and arranging to fight every(no)body else.

Annatrocity the "c**k-loving lesbian" was the first to lose her cool and publicly embarrass herself and Bullshido by challenging Grand Master Rudy Abel, distinguished Kung Fu Sifu to a deathmatch-style weapons fight without protective clothing.

She was quoted as saying "these weapons have killed many thousands of humans through the ages" and "Rudy deserves what's coming to him".

Kat then seemd to go slightly insane and challenged "Oldman34" who is known to be 318lbs to a fight, and threatened to shoot up him and his family on her arrival.

Sporadic further outbreaks of "Bullshido" fight challenges then peppered the slowly-dying forum for several hours until eveyone remembered that Bullshido is after all very gay and no-one has ever had what could be termed a real fight anyway.

In the meantime the delusional Simio de la Rocas has been taunting possibly the only real MMA figher on the Bullshido boards with racist jibes about height, skin colour and stereotypical "job " jokes to the Bullshido staff's obvious delight.

just another day in "aLive" ARP-land.

Bullshido's "Kat & Spat " real lesbians?

Last night details of the true source of Bullshido's Kat Johnson or "Anatrocity"'s seemingly never ending supply of cash which she openly admits to spending on drugs, martial arts weapons, costumes and guns, became public.

She runs a sordid MMA sex fetish business from this website

We tracked down one of her "clients" who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals or withdrawal of "services" who told us:

"Kat & Spat as they like to be called in private are very accomodating in my requests. For girls who say they are lesbians they always seem to get off on the group session at the end, ...lesbians who like c**k..."

frankly this should be no great surprise to anyone who has followed their antics on Bullshido for very long.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fantasy Land

Let's just take a step back for one second from observing the various examples of the lower tiers of the evolutionary ladder that is Bullshido membership and look instead at a grander issue all together. One of the great pillars of the ideal Bullshido world view.....

.....Hard contact sparring!!!!!!

Now let's also assume that when the Bullshido membership attend throwdowns that what they do is actually hard contact sparring. It is not. It is not even close. It's more like extremely light contact sparring OR rolling (and rarely MMA rules). But I digress. Let us put that to one side.

This abuse of members to 'win' tags is little more than a trial by ordeal (were it to be what it claims to be).

As we can see these 'trials' hold little logical value for determining someones guilt or otherwise regards their status as Bullshido.

Think with your own minds my friends because the establishment at Bullshido hold antiquainted ideals of justice.

Special Forces Members LASH OUT with typical Military Racist Aggression

Sadly, The Bull Den editorial staff has been made aware by a reliable confidential source, that the Bullshido counterfeit SAS trooper know as Simon del Rocco has broken local as well international military hate crime rules by targeting a respectable Australian Fighter who simply happens to appear Asian in orientation (editors note; we at Bull Den refuse to make concrete about any one's racial makeup without adequate proof).

Strangely following an expose on Mr Rocio by an ex special unit operator on this very Blog community, he had suddenly ad without explanation removed his identifiable visage and accompanying text implying he was a contributing member to unspecified SAS operations. He has simply adjusted his avatar to a similar one which again attempts to convey that this glorified airfield security troop, has actually engaged any enemy in an extended contact.

Apparently, due to the accompanying stress of this public exposure, Mr. Rocci had lashed out at the unwitting Asian victim making the following inappropriate racially heated comments,

1) What are you 5 foot nothing?;

2) Do you work at your local Take away?;

3) If so, how can the customers see you over the counter?;

Editors note; there was an extremely sensitive and racially despicable comment uttered regarding the sexual genitalia of certain ethnic persons which was intentionally omitted from this public site.

There is no disputing the absolutely disgusting nature or conviction of these posts by a self proclaimed "Elite Member of the British Armed Services" Here at the Bull Den we say to that "Nuts!". Truth be told the only ACTION this air security guard has experienced over the past 5 years is catching the military children on base attempting to sneak into the Saturday Night base movies without paying their quid.

Not only has Rocco (or Rocas as he so arrogantly tries to pronounce it) tarnished the already crumbling facade of the Bullshido Masada, he has also served to discredit Queen and Country.

Shame on YOU sir.

Bullshido forces retards to fight for their pleasure

Bullshido stooped to new lows recently. Footage leaked from a recent bullshido "throwdown" shows just how depraved and sick this so-called martial arts group have become, and gives the first real concrete evidence of what goes on behind the closed doors of the bullshido cult.

The video, leaked from bullshido by a brave insider disgusted by what s(he) witnessed, shows two mentally retarded individuals forced to fight as a jeering crowd of bullshido cult members watches intently. The obviously impaired victims of this disgusting human cockfight struggle gamely against each other in a degrading encounter which is cut short before its brutal ending. It is obvious that neither of these two innocent spazzes has any idea how to fight, and yet they are forced by the bullshido cult into a shocking and brutal encounter.

When shown the clip, Dr A.C. Bruce of the Society for the Protection of the Mentally Disabled commented:

"This is really disgusting. Neither of these innocent chaps has the slightest clue what is going on here. In my medical opinion both of these men are completely unfit to fight- they are both seriously overweight and have the mental and physical capacities of a 2 year old child. Retards like these would be hard pressed to cope strapped in a chair being fed liquid food..fighting to the death in a vicious and perverted human cockfight is well beyond what they are capable of.

In my medical opinion, the poor victimised idiot in white has a stroke half way through the match- nothing else explains his complete lack of coordination and ability, or the look of sheer mental incapacity on his face. I am disgusted by this video and I will fight to make sure this disgusting cult is closed down soon".

The fight in question can be viewed here. Beware, if you are of a fragile disposition, view with caution: