Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bullshido cannot back up their false claim

Bullshido are claiming my passport is fake. On Bullshido there is a rule; if you make a claim the onus is on you to prove it. You can't =

Bullshido Hypocrisy


Anonymous said...

A scan of a passport that's absolutely indicative of nothing other than you can dig up a low-res scan of a passport.

The proof we want is that you are actually involved in the martial arts. Until then,

look at dis fukkin' trollpost.

OmegaSucks said...

Hi ADM "anonymous". That's not a passport, it's MY passport. Big difference. Omega wanted proof I exist, now he has it. But he still wants to back out. He is a coward just like you.

Anonymous said...

Very telling that you blotted out the name on the lower left of the passport, "lawrence".

OmegaSucks said...

Hello Analtrocity

Plucked up the courage to actually fight me yet? No, thought not, just mouthing from behind your computer screen.

So I put white blogs over all the passport numbers in the bottom bit and personal info that would assist a stalker. Cool what of it? You wanna look up my street on Google street view and post it like you did Sifu Abels? You wanna find my phone number and harass my family or teacher? No I don't play your silly games. I'm still waiting for the proof it's a fake because it's not. Grew up.

AnnaTrocity said...

Sorry "lawrence". No one is going to fall for your terrible trolling.

You would be onto something but instead of just blotting out the numbers and address and all that crap you blotted out the name at the bottom. You could have easily left it visible but you chose to block out information that you supposedly have already put out here.

I do like the picture of the person you chose though. That guy looks exceedingly lame so your internet attitude and his picture go well together.

OmegaSucks said...

Anything to save face for you then eh?

Really! Your shambolic 'challenge' and subsequent backing out but then to try and clutch at straws when your bluff gets called.

It's easier to cry troll than have to back up your own words for sure.

Annatrocity said...

Challenge still stands as it was written. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

AwesomeTrocity said...

Wow, I didn't even notice the fact that you failed to make the name on "your" passport in all caps as per passport standards. Hilarious. ULTRA FAILURE COMBO.

Squerlli said...

HA! Owned motherfucker!

We found the passport you scanned. Damn you ATA motherfuckers are persistent. You get an A for effort buddy.

Now go kill your self you pathetic keyboard warrior. You're a waste of air.

Anonymous said...

wow.. you are like 250 lbs Lawrence.

hahaha. the hole you keep digging gets bigger and you can't get out.

a true keyboard warrior.

Anonymous said...

Just found the site.


Dude, you're fucking hilarious. Keep posting. Constantly. Go onto Bullshido all the time to find more things to put in here. Don't stop until that evil, evil site is off the face of the Internet.

Don't forget to join Rudy's Anti-Bullshido Message Board, too. You can share ideas and stories with them and think of ways to cause Bullshido even more problems! Yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

"Damn you ATA motherfuckers are persistent. You get an A for effort buddy."

He's ATA? Wow, those guys just don't quit.

Anonymous said...

Sammy Franco is a nobody get over it, losers.

Anonymous said...

"Don't forget to join Rudy's Anti-Bullshido Message Board, too."


Anonymous said...


You are a tard.

ATA= American TaeKwonDo Association

ACA= All Challanges Accepted

Please stick to your terrible blog and don't venture outside it.