Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bullshido out of excuses

Bullshido keep changing their own rules to find excuses not to fight me. This is the bullshido that Challenge ME remember now they are saying I don't exist. The United States Department Of State say I do exist, go tell them they are lying.

I have sent a scan of my passport to Omega.

Meanwhile on their pathetic forum the accusations are flying thick and fast. Apparently I changed my blog profile to say martial arts instructor. It's always said that. And some of the comments here demonstrate the lack of reading comprehension. One ignoramus comments:
You really think this guy is for real? He won't even visit the forum or try and contact Omega.
Do I visit your forum? You work it out. Am I in contact with Omega? No, he fabricates the private messaging that he dishonorably re-posts on Bullshido. You fail.

This fight will happen if Omega ever plucks up the balls to come do this. I hear AnalTrocity has some balls he doesn't want ;)

1 comment:

OmegaSucks said...

The ACA found the passport scan you've doctored for this piss poor attempt 'Lawrence'.

Shall we reveal?