Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bullshido back out ...again

Bullshido's cult enforcer Omega has backed out of the challenge match.
Kat Analtrocity Johnson backed out of his challenge fight just weeks ago.

Bullshido are hypocritical cowards who talk BS about travelling to beat your ass but do not deliver on that promise.

Just an observation but why is it that every time one of us traditionalists steps up, these c*ck sucking punk motherf*ckers had better start saying "In our club, in our rules, under our conditions"??? I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that ;)

Omega challenged me, now he's dropping out scratching out lame excuses like lines in the sand. His excuses are BS.

Omega, I hereby award you these Bullshido forum tags you two faced coward:


Anonymous said...

Thats funny. The last person to say that got his ass beat pretty good after swearing up and down everyone was scared. We can only hope...

Anonymous said...

look at dis fukkin' trollpost.

Aaron said...

I for one would love to see you give this guy some much needed respect, in the form of pain.

If you want man I'll donate some money to you if you can't afford to fly wherever this jerk lives. Should finally shut this guy up once and for all.

- Aaron

OmegaSucks said...

Well it matters little since your hero 'Omega' has backed out.

Aaron said...

Actually I don't think he's completely backed out, he just wants to have it in his state or gym or something.

*checks info*

OK it's not HIS gym but he wants it at a gym that isn't too far from him. You need some donations to make this happen man?

- Aaron

Squerlli said...

Aaron come on, are you serious? You really think this guy is for real? He won't even visit the forum or try and contact Omega. Come on, it's over weight TMA nut rider that probably still lives in his moms basement and is busy looking at furry pr0n.

We know where Omega lives, what he looks like, his fights, where his gym is, we know everything there is to Omega and his fighting. Who's this Lawrence dirt bag? Some keyboard warrior?

OmegaSucks said...

Who is we?
'We' don't know shit.
YOU might think you know everything to know about omega but 'we' don't.
Most likely you don't either. You've probably never met him in person so what you think you know doesn't amount to squat.

So please, less of the 'we' shit.
Or do you have a mouse in your pocket?