Monday, July 7, 2008

SCAROLA is Bullshido

In breaking bit of news, this web blog has received several violent and threatening personal Messages in regards to the recent breaking Scarola story.

It seems that at least 1 student of Mr. Scarola's has taken issue with my interpretation of Joseph's behavior on the TUF 6 season as cowardly, disrespectful and completely unsporting. A true martial artist knows respect, honor and integrity, facets Scarola clearly does not.

The only thing overpowering about Scarola is his arrogance

Well we at the Bull Den would like to call BULLSHIDO on these threatening, posturing attempts to deflect the reality of the situation.

Having Mr. Scarola claim the title of "TUF SEASON CONTENDER" is complete and utter bull. In no way do we believe that Joseph Scarola has earned the right to award himself "That merit badge".

Scarola insists his students treat him with a deference he is not worthy of. The NUMBER ONE rule at his dojo: 1. Always show respect to your instructors

On the subject of rules, Scarola is a hypocrite who preaches "Not giving your best during training detracts from both you and your partner’s experience. ". Not like the pussy Scarola did on TUF then!

The REAL contenders of TUF season 6, plus a token girl.

Scarola's student Mikey Triangles has shown nothing except the apparent poor teaching methods and attitude developed at the "Scarola" academy.

We at the Bull den believe the keystone of any great school is a great ~Teacher.


Anonymous said...


ars of TMA out the window.

I'm 100% sure you don't want to challenge SCAROLA or meet him face to face.

just stay behind your keyboard.

Joey Scarola said...

hey I was in TUF 6 so stick that up your ass punk!

OmegaSucks said...

That's right Scamola you were. How did that go for you?

Oh that's right it made you a fucking laughing stock.

Sorry but in the real world you don't get kudos for blowing big time (unless that's your new line of work).