Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lessons Bullshido can learn from Never Back Down.

The film Never Back Down (NBD) (TRAILERS) has may lessons that Bullshido can learn from.

There can be no doubt that the main members have seen the film given its Rating of PG-13. What this also means is that about 90% of the members are about the right age to see the film, however, sharing and understanding the true underlying message of the film cannot be trusted to the likes of Spataminger and Simeo the faker.

The first point of call is to read the interview by Sean Faris(star of NBD) here:- INTERVIEW
This is important as it will highlight that its just a film people and isnt real! Now that we've got that the next list of points will will help to clear up some of the falsity in the Bullshido belief that:-

1. Organized MMA bouts between high schoolers is apparently legal.

2. All high school students in Orlando have iPhones and they have embraced new media and Web 2.0 applications.

3. Beating three guys in broad daylight in a fit of road rage will not result in your arrest. Additionally, a video of said beating posted to a YouTube-like website will result in a boost in your popularity among your high school peers.

4. is ironically not a real website as the film would like you to believe. (how many of you bullshido guys went there to bookmark to try to star in it??)

5. Djimon Hounsou, who probably should have won an Oscar for Blood Diamond, will definitely win one for Never Back Down.

6. Getting viciously beaten and slammed against cars and concrete will leave you with only a busted lip.

7. NBD is about violence, promoting violence and answering everything with violence and anger (something all too common amongst bullshido's cult following). SOURCE

I would like to quote from Sean Faris' interview. In a question asking why he thinks most people get into MMA, he answers, “I think maybe a lot of them start off in it to kick ass, but inevitably if they have proper trainers - you know, proper masters or Senseis or what not that really, really teach what it is truly about, what martial arts is really about: it’s about self-control essentially… My character has a change of heart and he starts to see how happy he is when he’s got self-control.” How many of the bullshido posse can relate to this?

How many can truly say they have self control. The main members have a lot to learn about being role models and one can only hope that they read the message from Sean Faris' interview.

Its a sad state of affairs when this star who Bullshido would label a "newbie" or badge a "white belt" or whatever has learned more in 3 months training than some have in their said years of learning or training. It only helps to prove that Bullshido does not get what martial arts is about.

Bullshido members constantly feel the need to prove themselves by challenging left right and center and travelling to partake in challenge fights in order to gain the Bullshido TAGS of approval and a false sense of bullshido fame. This loss of self-control, bullying and violence is the very epitomy of bullshido and of the main bad guy in the film (the 2 it seems are on in the same).

The bad guy is bullshido.I leave bullshido with a final lesson from Sean Farris and can only hope they are mature enough empty their cups / beer bottles / protein shakers: “The message is very clear that a lot of fighting occurs out of insecurity and fear. Our message was pretty clear, I thought, that you need to learn to fight for the right reasons and fight to defend yourself and fight to defend those you love. And that doesn’t really happen to my character until he starts to train in MMA because he learns the discipline and self-control that goes along with it.”

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