Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ladies and Gentleman and Transgendered folks, we at The Real Bull Den have just become aware of a grave situation at our offices. It appears that the constant scrutiny and public outcry over the Bullshido cults activities has forced a drastic and very alarming response on their part.

It appears that legendary Bullshido Tough Guy, Kat-"Im Wearing filthy sox" AnaTrocity, has recently issued an apparent veiled threat against her arch- Nemesis Sifu Rudy Abel on the official Bullshido website. Please refer to the below passage from the brutes post;

Your weapon sucks and I'd ruin you. If you truly feel that your oak staff is to dangerous then why not accept the challenge the the rattan staff originally suggested??I gave you a perfectly acceptable and reasonably safe challenge where we could settle matters, you're the one trying to turn it into another fuckin duel to the death JFS bullshit thing.Accept or don't accept. If you don't accept I'll write you off as a coward and you can go your merry way, if you ever mention me again then we'll butt heads again. It's that simple. All you ever had to do is not antagonize me.By The way, Would you like me to send you some flowers or chocolates?I'm not sure which it is but i have either your home or school address. One of those. 6261 sound familiar?

Now it appears that "Flowers or Chocolates" is INFACT reference or "gang-slang" for Gat's or firearms. Anatrocity has made no secret of her vast illegal arsenal which she openly conceals and transports illegally across federal jurisdictions.

We are legally obligated to inform Sifu Abel of this imminent risk to his person, and have dispatched an e-mail to this effect.

Please stay tuned to the Bull Den for more groundbreaking news on this developing story.

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