Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bullshido $$$

The website of is an instrument of internet McDojoism.

Phrost's message board claims over 64,000 members.

If 5% become supporting members of the cult, @ $20 per year smat fees that's $64,000 per year before Google ads, T-shirts, sponsorship and donations.

Phrost you fat cat


Anonymous said...

the server bill alone must be over $2,000+ a month.

that shit doesn't pay for it's self.

Radford Davis said...

I always thought Phrost looked like Daddy Warbucks or the Monopoly Man.

Now I know why.

OmegaSucks said...

That is proof enough that the site is turning a healthy profit.

Thanks idiot. You just demonstrated how much revenue the place is generating that it would be capable of shelling out "$2000+ a month" for a server bill.

Must be like printing your own money.

Anonymous said...

site is turning a healthy profit.. it needs to, who's going to pay for it?

the ads do.

you think the $$$ goes in the pockets of the owners. hahaha

it goes to pay for the monthly costs to run the web site.

OmegaSucks said...

What are you 'anonymous'???? The Bullshido accountant.

You are obviously are retarded.

You state that "it goes to pay for the monthly costs to run the web site" so with that statement you are admitting that there is surplus monies that do NOT go towards running the site.

You are clearly brainwashed by Phrost to think he does the work for charity. Sheep!

Also you should learn to be less of a dipshit. Profit is defined as "Profit generally is the making of gain in business activity for the benefit of the owners of the business." (

So when you state that it is turning a healthy profit you are saying it is making money for the business owner (Neal Fletcher) you fucking moron.

The US educational system has failed you.

Anonymous said...

According to bullshido is worth $154,975...

Anonymous said...

you think the $$$ goes in the pockets of the owners.

once again it goes to pay for the website.

bullshido will never close.

OmegaSucks said...

Thank you for that admission. So Bullshido makes so much money they will never close.

Please try to keep up. There is another topic about exactly how much fat cat Fletcher is milking his little bitches for.