Sunday, June 22, 2008


Not less than 10 minutes after our breaking coverage of the thinly vieled threats by Bullshido tough man Ana-Trocity, our field reporters have observed an escalation in the threat level to Mr Rudy and his family from the gat-packing, drug addicted E-girl.

Above is the breaking picture apparently posted by Trocity on the Bullshido website, seeming to show the area near the residence of Mr. Abel, a clear attempt to harass, annoy or otherwise threaten in this reporter's humble opinion. The chilling comments that accompanied this screen shot seem to clearly convey her intentions;
Does this intersection look familiar?
For a guy who goes out of his way to make a lot of online enemies you sure are easy to find on
One is left to ponder whether she shall actually identify Mr Rudys personal residence by sight, or worse yet, pack her Merry gang of toughs into her pimped out side kick, set her spinners to stun, and travel "heated" to confront him in some illegal manner, possibly to do him harm?
Stay tuned. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Abel family at this time of crisis.

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