Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bullshido back out in Challenge fights drama

Despite many claims to the contrary, there is now compelling evidence that Kat "Analtrocity" Johnson has no balls. Although the gender question remains unproven either way.

Just two days ago Johnson challenged ME to a fight in a series of private messages on Youtube.

She has now backed out of the challenge fight, but not before providing a disturbing insight into the mind of a gender-confused. MMA mixed fighter.

Here are a full transcript of the chain of messages between Youtube user accounts AnnaTr0city and Bullshidos. You can make your own mind up:

1. AnnaTrocity 3 days ago
You should consider fighting me. I suspect you'll type less trash when I break all your fingers.

2. Bullshidos' reply
why would I fight you I don't fight girls. I won't pay for your sexual fetish S&M bullcrap either. Go cry for attention elsewhere. And see my blog if you pick a fight with me I will humiliate you in every way

3. Annatrocity
Keep in mind you keep calling me a transvestite so you should have no problems fighting me. Personally I think you're an ACA based troll trying to goad me into going to a challenge match where no one will show. As such i will reimburse your travel expenses, provide a reasonable venue and put 1000 dollars in your hand if you beat me. If you don't beat me I will insure that you're shitting your own teeth out for a week.

4. Bullshidos
are you a transvestite? I don't want your money.

I don't stoop to the lows of taking money off the people I beat on unlike you mixed fighting whore Why don't you pick a fight with someone you could beat, like Neal Fletcher? Leave the real fighters alone and go back to your hole on bullshido

5. Annatrocity
I can't believe you seriously asked if i'm a transvestite. hilarious.

Anyways, like I said, you're no fighter, if you were then you'd be in the process of setting up the fight right now. Better come get me while I hav e a broken nose, you might have a chance.

6. Bullshidos
Are you a tranny? Serious, I'm wondering. why would I accept a fight with someone with a history of backing out like you did to Omar??? you are unreliable and not to be trusted. You don't have USD 1,000 so I know you are lying.

7. Annatrocity
See this is the part where i seriously consider sending my birth certificate and drivers liscense, with a big fat F on them but that would be foolish because you're just a dumb ACA troll.I didnt back out of the fight with omar, JFS got in my face from the get go and wanted to fight in front of women walking their kids to a public building.

Fuck that. Why not move a mile down the road where no one would see and no one goes to jail? Omar was a scrawny twerp, 3 inches shorter, arms smaller then mine and a giant pot belly.He's about as scary as my little sister.

Anyways, you're a coward, ask me for a picture of my money, i'll late it all out for you right now with a note that says fuck you specially written :)
T(roll) on

8. Bullshidos
You still haven't answered the gender query. People are wondering. maybe a snapshot of you and your money would help me take you seriously. That and a public challenge to me on bullshido. I don't trust promises made in secret how do I know you are good to your word when only you and I know he deal? This is more proof you are lying. I have a business to run I don't take your threats seriously. Get real.

9. Annatrocity
The gender "query" troll is incredibly stupid. I'm obviously a far as money goes you're fooling yourself if you think that 1000 isn't particularly easy for me to come by.
Not pictured is the 7000 dollar UZI(vid of me shooting it on youtube) which i actually just sold giving me even more play money then what I already had.

[I've reproduced the photo she/he provided below in case it is removed:]

10. Annatrocity
so did you get my reply with the picture of the money or not?

11. Bullshodos
Not. Pls send again. Sorry.

12. Bullshidos
Oh yeah I got it. Sorry for doubting your feminine completeness. The pic of the money isn't convincing. It doesn't have you in the frame it could be anybody's money. And no public challenge on Bullshido. Until you go public with your challenge and terms I will not be taking you seriously.

13. Annatrocity
You've posted nothing about yourself, I'm not going to issue a challenge to "anonymous". I need to know your size, what name you go by, where you live, any number of factors that could affect things.

In any case if you think I've not got a little money to burn you're mistaken.

[I've reproduced the photos she/he provided below in case they are removed:]

13. Bullshidos
My name is on Sifu Abdel's forum and has been for days. You might not remember me but I remember what Bullshido did to me. I'm in Tennessee in mid July else I'm in Arizona you pick which is better. Not saying more than that. Post your challenge and USD 1,000 promise in public on Bullshitho or it's not going to happen.

14. Annatrocity
mid july might work but probably not as I have a broken nose at the moment.Wha did bullshido do to you?

15. Bullshidos
I've given you the benefit of the doubt thus far re gender. I do not fight the milder sex but you sound like a man and I have heard from several sources including my spies in Bullshido staff that you are a boy. That is why you don't do nude on your mixed fighting yes?

I am satisfied with your proof of the money. Again I am giving you the benefit of the doubt because you ignored my request to have you in the picture. However there are factors that lead me to believe your pictures of the banknotes are genuine.

However you are still not complying with my request of a public challenge with terms on Bullshido. Believe me if anything happens to me or my family the police will know exactly where to start looking. But I believe a public challenge mitigates the risk that you will do anything stupid with those toys of yours because even someone of low intelligence like you knows that turning up to a challenge fight and shooting an innocent opponent will wind you up on death row in Tennessee. Think about that before you do something stupid.

Comply with my condition immediately upon receipt of this message or consider the challenge void and I will post this humiliating backing-out on my blog and my friend Rudy's board for all to see.

16. Annatrocity
Benefit of the doubt? hilarious. I thought that you had simply backtracked my photobucket account where my drivers license and birth certificate are both posted. None to computer savvy, eh?
Anyways, i'm done with this challenge match shit. I even told rudy it was over. I'm tired of this crap.

By the way, i dont do nude partially because i'm not that much of a whore and partially because that would be prostitution, which is illegal, while what I do is not.

So she has admitted to making and failing to deliver upon TWO seperate challenges leaving her with a perfect record in these matters of 0-3 (including her failed challenge with Kung Fu stylist 'Omar'). It is the the first time she's ever owned a perfect record (albeit perfect in the sense of losses).

Maybe the F on her birth certificate stands for 'Fail' since it surely cannot be female.


Meltdown said...

How pathetic. After all that drama she baulks on not one but TWO challenges proving yet again that Bullshdio actually does zero real fighting.

Could the last credible member of Bullshido please turn off the light before they leave. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is the most pathetic attempt at spin I've ever seen.

'If he wants to change his mind and accept the original rules that I set forth in the first post at Omega's gym then he's more then welcome to.

Otherwise i am done with this shit.'

OmegaSucks said...

Yes it is rather pathetic how the Transexual talks such a lot of smack only to revoke her challenge after she has attention whored for the best part of a week.

Two more in the fail column for her/him/it.

Anonymous said...


P.S. the post I cited is more recent than the one you've quoted, and it's not a back out either. Either you can back up his long-standing assertions that the three section staff is a potent weapon in the right hands or you can't. It really is that simple.

OmegaSucks said...

And the Bullshido 'big guns' fall silent. Realising that they are fighting a losing battle against the inevitable emergence of the truth they bury their collective heads in the sand and wait for it to pass.

We will not go anywhere. We will continue to highlight the lies and cult behavious of Bullshido.