Monday, June 23, 2008

Kat's new Bullshido tags

We at The Real Bull Den would like to congratulate Bullshido Mixed-Fighter Kat Johnson on her upcoming awards of the highly contested "Fite Ducker" and "I will not travel to beat your ass" tags.

The Bullshido tradition of awarding forum tags is based on the Girl Scouts model. It is completely uncool to have patches on your gi (Adidas excluded), it is completely cool to have hundreds of little tags next to your forum name. It's not ironic at all. These tags replace traditional belt colors in the Bullshido cult hierarchy.

Kat's new tags:
"Fight Ducker is really cool, it was designed by Annatrocity for this occasion" said cult leader Phrost. "I wish I could duck some more fites and earn that tag it's almost as cool as ironing my blue belt in the nude".
Kat was not available to comment, as he was busy polishing his pocket sword in celebration.

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