Friday, June 20, 2008

Bullshido drama FAIL continues

Bullshido's very own attention seeking transgender mixedfighter Anna "Kat" Trocity is threatening to fight me. I am soooo scared. Not.

At the same time she is attempting to weasel out of her misguided challenge match with Bullshido's arch enemy Kung Fu Sifu Rudy Abdel. The lesbian's last attempt at internet fame failed miserably after she backed out of fighting a Kung fu fighter called Omar in 2007. On the same occasion she froze when faced with Kung Fu Sifu John Springer's Eagle Claw thrusting technique.

She now wants to regain the limelight among the cult members by challenging Sifu Abdel who previously defeated her ally Fat Anthony in an MMA fight. This latest episode too has Drama and Politics and Fail written all over it.

Meanwhile on Bullshido this latest attention seeking outburst has drawn much veiled criticism from influential member and Rudy double-agent KempoFist:
I know I'm going to take some flak for it, but lets be for real here. Kat's not been very active on Bullshido for the last few months, and what better way is there to grab attention and re-establish her presence than to start a Rudy challenge thread? It was guaranteed from the start to be page after page of drama, and by the time it finally dies down, all the people who were not familiar with Kat before definitely will be familiar with her after. The thread was brilliant, really. In one motion Kat burst back into view of the older memebers who may have forgotten a bit about her, and at the same time was able to attatch a whole new generation of sycophantic noobs firmly to her labia. Bravo, I say.

The girl is clearly uneducated. Her latest attempt to wriggle out of the fight:

Rudy doesnt seem to want a peice [sic.] of me weather [sic.] with weapons or straight up [Ed. As in mixedfighting straight up?] MMA rules. You have to be pretty f^^kin cowardly to refuse a fight with someone you outweigh by 80 pounds under straight up MMA.

With weapons Rudys size would have counted for nothing so I can understand him backing diown [sic.], but from MMA, after challenging 0-1 143lb Sirc to the same thing?

What a coward.

The Real Bull Den will watch this drama closely

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