Friday, June 20, 2008

Bullshido in Meltdown?

Bullshido seems to have gone into meltdown in a few short days since this blog first came to their attention, with everybody who is nobody challenging and arranging to fight every(no)body else.

Annatrocity the "c**k-loving lesbian" was the first to lose her cool and publicly embarrass herself and Bullshido by challenging Grand Master Rudy Abel, distinguished Kung Fu Sifu to a deathmatch-style weapons fight without protective clothing.

She was quoted as saying "these weapons have killed many thousands of humans through the ages" and "Rudy deserves what's coming to him".

Kat then seemd to go slightly insane and challenged "Oldman34" who is known to be 318lbs to a fight, and threatened to shoot up him and his family on her arrival.

Sporadic further outbreaks of "Bullshido" fight challenges then peppered the slowly-dying forum for several hours until eveyone remembered that Bullshido is after all very gay and no-one has ever had what could be termed a real fight anyway.

In the meantime the delusional Simio de la Rocas has been taunting possibly the only real MMA figher on the Bullshido boards with racist jibes about height, skin colour and stereotypical "job " jokes to the Bullshido staff's obvious delight.

just another day in "aLive" ARP-land.

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