Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Matt Thornton = Bullshido?

My father, RIP, was a terrible hypocrite. He always told me when I was growing up to respect others and never steal. However upon his death I learned that that was all a charade; among his possessions was a substantial quantity of pilfered office stationary. I got a stapler out of it so not all bad.

But, how many father figures are actually rolling contradictions? That is after all why Bullshido criticises so many Grand Masters of the Martial Arts.

So who is Bullshido's spiritual father and is he a hypocrite? Yes, Matt Thornton sings one song and plays another. Matt preaches against image defined martial artists in one breath, and is super-sensitive about his image on another. The guy is clearly obsessed with gaining external validation for his views and writing. That is after all why he deletes comments from his blog. I don't delete the comments from my blog I don't deny criticism. Martial arts, traditional MA, has taught me humility. Maybe Matt should take up a traditional art and become a better man?

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