Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Attempting to evaluate the psyche of the Bullshido "Travel to roll with many rules to beat your ass" member is not an easy task to define. Many of these members obviously harbour past physical or mental abuses, drug abuses or the long standing "Little Man Syndrome" that in our best estimate is the case with our very own Mikey Triangles.

When reviewing the absolute retarded vehemence in which the self proclaimed NAGA champ and his merry band of loser blue belts attempted to pursue and punish the legendary str33t jutitsu fighter AL Perry, one thing has become glaringly obvious; Mikey Triangles has had a negative influence in his Martial Arts training, that has skewed his internal moral registry of such things as HUMILITY and RESPECT.

Regard exhibit A; the alleged advert for the Scarola Jujitsu camp, Mikey's training facility. Now what should be immediately obvious to all is the glowing and obvious reference to his implied involvement in the TUF season 6 competition. For those in the know, Joseph Scarola was notorious for his having NOT been a true "competitor" during that television series, being as he arguably shamed and disappointed not only his own Sensei, but also the shows creator Dana White, by failing to uphold his obligations and exhibit the true Bullshido Warriors code.

Also note that the figure in the advert purported to be Mr. Scarola is exhibiting a glaring, aggressive and presumably arrogant "Mad Dog" facial expression. In the opinion of the writer, in no way is that a necessary feature to attract "respectful" students as seems apparent with his students Mad Max mentality in regards to the Al Perry Fiasco. It might seem that a friendlier picture taken with a smiling Mr. Scarola, possibly surrounded by children would convey a much more positive and influencial message.

This leaves one to consider the possibility that Mikey Triangles is the victim of a school that is full of unwarranted bravado and arrogance? Regardless, the actions of the Mikey Triangle "GANG" have served only to smear another layer of hatred and violence across the pages of the Bullshido empire.


Anonymous said...

who would win... joey... or you?

OmegaSucks said...

Joseph Scarola + no street stand up skills. I wouldn't let him grapple me down.

Plus he has no heart- in a real fight that = goodnight.

Anonymous said...

what if you, trip and just end up on the ground.. and joey is about to pass your guard?

jon springer didn't know how to get out of the mount. DO YOU?

if you watch the fight.. him getting mounted and the changing of his voice when he was yelling "get off me.. I will fucking kill you"

I have never seen anyone in so much fear in one person in all my life.

and Joseph Scarola would kill you.

better get a gun... TMA

OmegaSucks said...

#1- Im no doubt stronger than Scarola...I do powerlifting.

#2- I have previous wrestling and due to my size he couldnt easily take me down

#3- I've seen him get hit. He folds and he has nothing to offer boxing wise.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Scarola would kill you

his wrestling is way better than yours.. so you will get taken down.

his grappling skills are better than your grappling skills

you would last 1 min tops.

jon springer got mounted in 10 seconds.

you would never have the balls to call Scarola and challenge him.

TMA is only good for the internet.

no balls to call Scarola.

Anonymous said...

Mikey Triangles is a fag

OmegaSucks said...

Scarola... Sham-rola is more like it.

Forever entombed as the greatest suck in the history of TUF.

He screamed like a Japanese schoolgirl when Danzig clocked him out.

Anonymous said...


Joseph Scarola is kinda a fag

but he would kill 99% of TMA..Mac Danzig also

OmegaSucks said...

Scarola would Kill any party he attended.

Otherwise he and his mini-me Mikey "I seen bigger arms on a clock" Triangles had best hide out at Scarolas dwindling clubhouse.

Toby Christensen said...

But...but...but....Redboy BJJ has a pitbull for a logo and really tuff sounding slogans!!

He HAS to win!!!