Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bullshido Video

The fight better still be on. If Omega drops out Bullshido will never hear the end of this


Aaron said...

It's nice to see some people still have class in this world. For someone putting out a challenge, it's funny that Mr Bullshido hasn't clearly accepted these mere terms yet.

I guess we'll just wait for yet another BS member to pull out of yet another fight.

- Aaron

Squerlli said...

Wow. Truly an epic troll.

Seriously, for as much drama as you've stirred up you deserve an award. In all honestly you should get a trophy.

Aaron said...


How exactly is this any different from how Bullshido treats anyone who studies most tradional arts?

e.g. TKD, Wing Tsun, Aikido, etc

Sometimes I think the site is just one big troll attempt for people who are students of these arts.

- Aaron

OmegaSucks said...

This is the irony these morons fail to grasp. Their entire site is a troll (circa 2003 when TMA bashing was funny and new) yet they cry troll because they are finally on the recieving end.

Squerlli said...

What's wrong Lawrence? Too scared to post my other comment?

It's cute how I post a response to aaron's question, call you out on being a washed up troll, make a valid point on Bullshido, and for some reason it's not here?

Veerd right? You are a sad man. Whatever thanks for proving you're never going to show for a fight.

OmegaSucks said...

There was no other comment and I'm not scared of anything that derives from bullshido.

You'll notice I publish ALL comments.

Your hero Omega has ducked. Case closed. So there's no 'fight' for me to 'show' for.