Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The true cost of MMA teaching

“Mr. Jackson was arrested and has been transported to Orange County Central Booking where he remains in custody,” Dondero said. “He’s been charged with violations of felony hit-and-run, evading police, and reckless driving at the moment. Bail has been set at $25,000.”

Source http://www.mmaontap.com/mma/entry/quinton-rampage-jackson-arrested/

Maybe Phro$$$t will give him a week's revenue from the site.
Just another tale of an MMA student breaking the moral and ethical codes of martial arts. As a student of MMA myself, it pains me that the teaching focuses purely on the physical and omits the important mental aspects. Carrying Martial Arts skills is a truly awesome responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, like Yin and Yang the physical tools must be balanced with mental responsibility. Fortunately I also train in Tang Soo Do Korean martial art so there is no danger that I would strike a child down with my custom monster truck emblazoned with a life size mural of me on the side, and fail to stop.


Anonymous said...

"As a student of MMA myself,"

bhahahahahahaha haha

what a joke.

your site is funny as hell, total fiction.

Zack Matthews said...

Yea, but can you fight?

OmegaSucks said...

Yes Zack Matthews. Can you?

Anonymous said...

The last time I posted on bullshido they basically claimed Tang Soo Do was ineffective and they wouldn't believe that is more than effective enough if you train it enough. The told me to show up to a throwdown and prove it.... which I guess means to show up play fight get drunk and go to strip clubs. Which is what I have read that happens at throwdowns. I don't understand how that can prove anything except wasting my time as a distraction from training.

Anonymous said...

look at dis fukkin' troll

Libertad said...

"Bullshido cult is pro-ground fighting. This is a completely unrealistic concept in self defense. The following excerpts from the Bullshido indoctrination package demonstrate the dangerous disregard the authors have for the reader's own safety were they to take their unqualified advice."

and then

"As a student of MMA myself,"

So, you fight MMA but think grappling is ineffective, i would like to see one of you fights, i hope your sprawl is very good.