Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The only forum on the Internet that will beat your ass for running your mouth; APPARENTLY NOT

It is no secret that after the absolute and complete embarrassment that Bullshido.com has suffered after the string of failed sanctioned trips to combat the naysayers of the Bullshido cult, things have changed drastically for the kids.

Following the humiliation of KAT-VS-OMAR, where upon the ridiculous, sneaker clad, "Im a cage-fighter" chanting anatrocity was too scared to even engage the tiny OMAR and then bullied into a quivering, voice cracking shell when she was met with a verbal barrage of linguistic brilliance from JFS. Compound that with the absolutely embarrassing display by JORDAN, who in the annals of MMA history will forever be known for the idiocy of attempting a Roddy Piper double leg followed by fleeing into the nearby, duct taped sidekick and cowering while being taunted to exit to meet his death.

Nearly "ass" bad was the overzealous idiocy of Mikey Triangles (lol) and "gang" when they became the absolute laughing stock of the MMA forums (and beyond) by dragging their pre-pubescent featherweight blue belt builds to strut their stuff like the fucking silly TUF glitter boys they are. Publically humiliated they were left to slowly retreat into the shadows of the masses like so many others of the unknown MMA no-bodies that frequent Bullshido.

It is no wonder Neil Fletcher, in a fit that would serve him to pull out his own hair( if that were possible), has had to literally forbid these retards from embarrassing or damaging his empire any further. And who can blame him?

There are plenty more of the loser-cum-"no future in MMA" tough guys waiting in the wings, like;

Maverick "The Fastest Cock-out" Z
- A terrible, yet fluky, amateur and we do mean amateur fighter (lol).

- The biggest mouth with the fattest belly of the entire community and absolutely zerooooo talent.

Tom "hey has anyone seen my depends?" Kagan
- the senile, stroke stricken coffin dodger of the this little Family.

And last but not least ....
- that loveable, apparently mildly retarded, giggle monster that can turn any fight into a Disney Classic.

Sadly, the Bullshio banner should be logically changed to read....

Bullshido.com ..... WE SURRENDER!


JC said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ah yes, because the repetitive use of 'nigger boy' to a black man is a barrage of linguistic brilliance and not hate speech.

OmegaSucks said...

Oh deary me JC....look! it is my blog after all hence my deleting your comment.

Seems you thought it wasn't.

You aren't on bullshido now so you are worthless.

OmegaSucks said...

Ahhhhh, anonymous...my favourite critic.....

Sifu Springer was trying to get the fight going again after the Bullshido 'enforcer' hid in the Sidekick and refused to continue what he started.

Anonymous said...

"Sifu" Springer verbally submitted and said he wanted to end the fight, he then got back up and decided he wanted a restart, sorry pal, no restarts on the street. We just commited a crime in public, time to exit the scene. In all your talk of how Springer is "real" you neglected to point out that he only brought one friend while we had a crew of 4. He then proceeded to pull his opponent INTO MOUNT. John F Springer is lucky that I didnt stomp his head in. That would be "real" but I didnt want to go to prison. So I didnt :) He should be thankful to me that he can feed himself, leaving himself exposed in a "Streetfight" like that. I could have kicked him more retarded then he already was.

OmegaSucks said...

Since you have no name to validate your claim to have beaten Sifu Springer you count for nothing.

Would it not be that way on Bullshido too.

Please post your name so I can verify you are real like your cronies would demand.

OmegaSucks said...

Oh and one minute you state:
"We just commited a crime in public"
yet moments later you write
"He then proceeded to pull his opponent..."

So one minute you are part of the fight then next you are an observer looking at Springer and 'his opponent'.

You are probably a Bullshido member who thinks that fights by any Bullshido member count as your own. A typical deluded projection of the masses of non-fighters that frequent the site.