Sunday, July 13, 2008

Response to Omega's challenge

Another day in the Coward-Do of Bullshido cult challenging people. Cult enforcer Omega "I will not travel to beat your ass" has made three challenges and already he has backout out of two of them.

Final Challenge: Abel/Fox/Lawerence
Last week of August, all three of you and any of you other idiots over there that want a piece of me. Unarmed combat, no rules my gym Santa Barbara the weekend of August 28th. Win or lose I want each of you to line up and take your turn with me.
We'll do it in the parking lot. I'll pick up the mats. We'll fight on the rug, cement, wood floor I'm not fucking around.

Just hours later Omega has chickened out of fighting either Fox or my friend Sifu Rudy Abel. The good sifu has been asked to spy on me for Bullshido which is naturally too cowardly and low an act for someone of the Sifu's standing. I have every confidence that the Sifu will tell Bullshido to do their own detective work and not sell out a long standing friend and loyal supporter.

The answer you've all be waiting for: will I fight Omega?
Yes. But not in his gym in California.

Omega, you challenge me you do the travelling. I am not too fussed where I beat your ass but find a neutral location in Arizona and we can talk. Any weekend in August should be good. The only proxy I will accept in your stead is your cult leader Phro$$$t.

* Waivers and a statement of consent must be signed before the bout.
* No time limit
* No protective equipment except groin protectors and mouth pieces.
* Concrete or hard surface
* You look after your costs I'll look after mine
* Tap rule so that I don't end up in jail for choking your sorry ass dead
* No throat or eye strikes

Agree with my terms or go screw yourself. YOU MADE THE CHALLENGE, I'VE STATED MY TERMS. Yes or No?

TSD, MMA & Judo


Anonymous said...

Prove who you are and we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

This is a p. sweet troll job that I've been laughing at the whole way, from the beginning.

OmegaSucks said...

Ah they anonymous favourite detractors...this time asking me to prove who I am!!! LOL.

Erm mmm-kay anonymous it's really YOU who kind of needs to prove it judging by your 'name'.

I allow this blog to be open and uncensored (unlike that piece of shit Bullshido) but that doesn't stop the brave internet warriors from putting in their own 2 cents under a mask of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being clueless in not knowing that the original post is by me "omega". Please try to keep up if you're going to feign a level of intelligence.

OmegaSucks said...

Yeah yeah buddy of course you are 'omega'. Probably a bullshido cult member trying to stir the pot for all I know.

If you really are omega them know this. On this blog you are nothing, a nobody. So don't come around here thinking you are all big time and that I'm just gonna accept it's really you on the strength that you believe you are so fucking important.

Post under your name and verify who the fuck you are. Or else you are just another anonymous mouthpiece.

AnnaTrocity said...

"Post under your name and verify who the fuck you are. Or else you are just another anonymous mouthpiece."

Says the guy no one knows, who refuses to do anything at all to verify his identity.


OmegaSucks said...

For everything else there's Mastercard.

I assume when you say "no one" you mean "no one in our cult".

Thanks for playing. You already baulked on your challenge.

AnnaTrocity said...

No, you simply did not accept the challenge as it was given. I smelled "troll" on you a mile away and hence framed it right up front that I was not going to travel to you, the fact is that you wreak of "troll job". No one is going to waste time traveling to meet someone who is a complete non-entity other then from behind a keyboard.

But see, now your problem here is that before when you were fucking with me you might have actually got someone to buy into your bullshit that I was afraid of...text on a screen...unfortunately no one is stupid enough to believe that Omega is afraid of your anonymous internet posturing.

And now your cheerleader board has banned you for blatant lies and thus your credibility as someone that is prepared to back their shit up went from 0 to the negatives instantly.

Congratulations, way to shoot yourself in the foot. We at Bullshido $alute you!

OmegaSucks said...

"No one is going to waste time"

You've wasted plenty of time with your response, your youtube bravado and even taking pictures of money, guns and birth cert.


AnnaTrocity said...

It's too cute that you had to edit it to make your response fit, I believe the quote in it's entirety was

"No one is going to waste time traveling to meet someone who is a complete non-entity other then from behind a keyboard."

Pretending that taking 5 minutes tops to type a response or take a picture of something is in any way comparable to driving or flying a fair distance away is stupid.

OmegaSucks said...

You have taken photos of your money and guns to blow your own trumpet.

You were asked to prove you had the money which you did by showing the screen grab of your checking account.

So why then post a picture of some cash and guns? I'll answer for you. You were masterbating.