Sunday, July 13, 2008

Omega already looking for an excuse to back out

Omega's official reason for challenging me is because I posted a video that includes footage of one of his McDojo students. The real reason is ego.

I would probably have edited the video if he'd asked nicely, the small person in the video (The face is all covered up in that Macho chop helmet, for all we know it's an adult midget) was not the target of my mockery. But Bullshido are incapable of intelligent conversation. Omega needs constant external validation in the form of circle jerking junior cult members so he challenges me instead. Not very mature.

Bullshido has no problems posting pics of 5-6 yr old black belts on their site and making fun of them. Bullshido can't really call the pot black being as they make all the homophobic, ridiculing and personal attacking records for the net. Now he cries, pussy!

And Bullshido's inner circle are already looking for a way to back out without the junior members of the cult realizing the cowardliness of Omega. Analtrocity, who himself challenged me and then backed out, offers this advice:
Unless "lawrence goldstein" can provide some verifiable information to prove that he exists and trains somewhere then no one should waste their time with him.
Prove that I exist? Like this is a chat robot typing this??? I don't have to prove anything, I am not the one making false claim and idiotic challenges. you guys need to prove that you're not cowards that's the proof that is conspicuously absent.

Bullshido are cowards looking for an excuse to back out


Anonymous said...

You once again pussy out of a challenge like you are doing now.

the truth is your lack of knowledge on the ground would get you fucked and thats why you will always pussy out.

Yip Man would even get mounted.

OmegaSucks said...

Ok well done anonymous. It's easy to talk when you don't have to put it on the line. Like all this Bullshido bluster.

You fail.

OmegaSucks said...

Two points I'd like to make omega:

a) YOU posted the video of yourself and the kid sparring on the internet for all to see. YOU put it in the public domain.

b) WTF are you doing in that video exactly? 'Sparring' with a little kid? Surely you would have to be humoring the little feller? Thus breaking the bullshido code.

You are more of an idiot for putting that video up in the first place. It reveals your suckage worse than the 'stickfighting' crap you put up.