Monday, July 14, 2008

Omega: Offer


I was in no way intending to involve the small human of indeterminate gender or age in this. YOU are the one that involved them. No one noticed until you kicked up a fuss.

You could have just asked. But oh no your ego wouldn't let you, it had to be a challenge match.

But maybe we can strike a deal on the shorty. I am prepared to remove the midget from the video and re-host it on the condition that you do not use it as an excuse to back out of your challenge. If you did that I might re-upload the midget version.

And as for the fight do you recognize that you will probably lose and should concede yet?


Anonymous said...

your lack of ground knowledge.. has made you scared beyond belief.

we know why you will never accept a challenge.

because you have no answer for going to the ground

for the first time in your life... you question your martial arts skills.

nothing but a poser.

Anonymous said...

Hey man how about you take the little boy out of your video because you have some class and realize in hindsite that placing the lil guy in the video was in poor taist. Hate on Omega, hate on bullshido, who fucking cares. Do what you wanna do. To be honest some of the shit on your blog makes me crack up. You mention in your blog you have a family. So I am guessing you can step outside your box and see the situation with the child from a parent/relatives vanage point.

OmegaSucks said...

Reading deficiancy ahoy!

Try reading the blog entry entitled "Response To Omega's Challenge".

You'll note that I lay out certain terms which are acceptable to make it happen.

Regards the midget/child (undetermined yet) in the clip it would have been a simple matter of asking like an adult. But no. The Bullshdio cock-waving challenge factory was engaged full steam ahead.

Instead of throwing out challenges like a hype addicted media whore clamouring for the next fix of publicity try acting like a normal human.

Like Arnold says in the hit movie 'Twins' (co-starring Danny Devito):

"You have jumped straight past the first rule of crisis management".

Act like a douche and get treated like a douche.

Anonymous said...

Hey dumb ass, I read your feeble challenge reply. I was actually commenting about that very subject. I was just saying you should be, you know, a stand up guy and take the child out of your otherwise funny video. Oh and cut the shit with this he is very possibly just a midget nonsence. You know damn well thats a child. Your humor sadly is always being out weighed by your immaturity.You claim to be a family man and morally above the bullshido in wich you despise, yet you come with your own set of conditions and rediculous rants on wanting a fight? You are no different then them. You sir are the kettle and bullshido is the pot.
The bitter irony in your reply to me is so telling. You yourself are infact guilty of behaving like, as you put it a "hype addicted media whore clamouring for the next fix of publicity." And to quote you again, take your own advice and "try acting like a normal human." You continue to pretend your taking some high road yet the truth is you are patheticly drowning at sea level.

Anonymous said...

just like I thought. To much of a coward to post my last comment.

OmegaSucks said...

You 'anonymous' people should just put a name in the box cleverly marked 'Name' to avoid looking stupid when you take what was written for another anonymous poster as an answer to yourself.

And as for whoever said "To much of a coward to post my last comment" I would say which is your comment since you are anonymous and also how could I have posted your comment before I was online again?

Watch. I'll show you.

You suck goats dicks.
(waits 5 seconds)
Ha ha ha you didn't even come online and dispute it.

Fucking moron.

soulmechanic said...

post 2 and 4 are from me, Soulmechanic. Now go fuck yourself.

Aaron said...

People seem to be acting like this guy has committed all 7 of the deadly sins or something.

How is this ANY different to how Bullshido put up videos of other people who study the arts (Ninjitsu, Wing Chun, Karate, TKD, etc)?

It's not!

Hard to be on the receiving end for some people isn't it?

- Aaron

OmegaSucks said...

There you go soulmechanic, it isn't hard to stop being a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha hahah


what a fucked up reference