Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bullshido break own rules

Bullshido's hypocrisy should not come as a surprise to you, but the latest embarrassment takes their idiocy and double standards to new levels.

As you may recall Anna Trocity, a transgender mixed-fighter recently challenged myself and my friend Sifu Rudy Abel to fight him/her. Trocity backed out, but claims victory stating "i've still got your 1K but the original offer was for you to come collect it." i.e. Trocity is the challenger, but that the challengee (me) has to travel half way across the country to fight him/her.

Ok, let's step back a bit. How many would-be challengers have been hounded off Bullshido because they weren't prepared to travel to fight the people they challenged. If I hereby challenge karate star Bas Ruttan to a fight to the death, does that make him a coward and a fight ducker for not travelling to face me? Of course not, it's common sense and common courtesy for the challenger to do the travelling. Trocity wanted to fight me not vice versa I never challenged her. Same for her backing out of the Sifu Rudy Abel match.

And to reinforce the protocol you need look no further than Bullshido's inner cult members themselves:
JnP: "The onus of travel falls upon the person who is the challenger, not the challengee, according to protocols in place long before any forum members here were born. Sorry gentlemen, but that's the way it has been done here on Bullshido in the past and pretty much throughout recent history."
Ronin: "UNLESS the challenger is willing to GO to the challengee, its never gonna happen.AND ANYONE putting up ANY challenge SHOULD be the one to move their ass"

There you have it, Trocity is a fight ducking coward and bullshido artist of the lowest order.

Trocity's reaction to this blog entry? A private message on You Tube video hosting: "The rules don't apply to me."

How can a martial artist be so arrogant????????


Anonymous said...

Uh, you do realize that she challenged Abel to square off against her at Omega's gym in Santa Barbara, right? Unless I'm missing something, Abel lives in SoCal as well, so he'd be under a two-hour drive to face off against her.

Keep on spinning though. It remains hilarious.

p.s. there have never been arrogant martial artists ever until Bullshido came around amirite?

Toby Christensen said...

Well, since her thread has been nuked and vanished to the nether-regions of the distant four winds, none of us can very well see what the original terms of the challenge were.

This gym of Omega was mentioned as was a "Dog Pack Gathering" somewhere in the land of California. Discussions were held to have it at the park in which the Sifu Rudie Able teaches. I would refer to the original source material, however as I said previously, it is no longer available for public consumption.

Please, don't misunderstand me, I very much like this Ann E. Trocity and would very much like to see her matched up in a gender-specific battle with Titania, an Australia female bodybuilder, muscle-femme, power-lifter, strong woman and fetishist, who is quite the favorite of mine.

This match would be quite evenly matched from the standpoint that while Ann E. Trocity has superior striking stand-up skills, Titania the Musclefemme would dominate her while rolling on the mat in old-time Carney Strongman Mutant Wrestling.