Saturday, June 28, 2008

ANATROCIOUS; Self styled drug dealing gang wanna be.

Now it should come as no surprise to the growing masses of Bullshido-exposers, that in order to rise in the ranks of Bullshidentology you must exhibit sufficient chest puffing and publicized machoistic idiocy (of course with no actual fighting acomplishment or merit) to warrant the inevitablebal licking of the other Bullshido shitheads. The risk or danger in this of course lies firmly and clearly in the examples of the highly disgraced Mikey Try-again-angles and superfly Jimmy Jordan Snooka .

However it should come as no surprise that one of the Main Bullshido staffers and administrators, Anatrocity is infact a self professed wanna-be ghetto girl, lowering herself to the extent of using and "engaging" in illegal drugs, and maintaining an arsenal of "favored gang styled weaponry" which she proudly displays on youtube like some neglected, spolied rich middle class suburbanite.

The unfortunate fact is that she has absolutely no firearms or marksmanship skills what so ever, has absolutely no gun safety awareness, and further presents a very negative image to the martial arts as a whole by wearing her filthy, sweaty Thai shorts to the local municipal park to (illegally?) fire off her "Gangsta Gat".

A truly pathetic display if I've ever seen so. Especially insulting to the many legitimate law enforcement and Military martial artists who openly resent such glorification of gun violence, gang life and the overall negative image presented to our youth. But of course Bullshido knows little of LEGITMATE Military or Law enforcement matters.

It appears that more weight is carried on Bullshidos roster by firing off your Gat, than actually backing your play.

Over and out.

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NRAfan said...

I just love how the boy says "It's not really meant to be shot like this" but then proceeds to shoot it like that anyway.

It seems it doesn't matter if you are trying to act hard for your mates.