Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bullshido fear public critique

Bullshido's best known gender-confused mixed-fighter, Anna Trocity, holds itself as the authority on good stand up technique. Yet he/she does not have the required good stand up technique, {it} is far from an expert.
Anna on Bullshido: "Show me some vid of his sparring so I can judge whether he deserves to be called a "good standup fighter"." There you have it, someone who considers themselves qualified to pass judgement on other people's stand up fighting technique.
In a twist of irony and hypocrisy she then says on Bullshido "Anyways, numbers [of victories] count for nothing. Until you see someone in action you know basically nothing about them."
Ok,... so her record in the sport of ladies kickboxing doesn't count for anything. Oh, but apparently it does: (from Youtube) "I'm 8-1 in kickboxing. I hold my hands where I please."

Meanwhile he/she revealed its true colors, why it hates our friend Sifu Rudy Abel so much: He does Kung Fu. Trocity is all for tolerance of sexual-orientation but is dismissive and intolerance of authentic martial arts. This is 'natural' within the cult of bullshido where outsiders are viewed with suspicion and fear in equal measure. Trocity goes so far as to openly display {its} bigotry on the forum; "Everyone knows that you cant take a kung fu practitioners claims about someones "standup" at face value should be obvious."

Meanwhile on Youtube where I dared to dish out some of there own medicine and critique his/her and cult leader Phro$$$t's sparring form, Trocity is desperate for a comeback in the comments section:

"Oh yes, you forgot to point out that I am going very very lightly. I'm primarily a boxer, yet I'm mostly just playing around with leg kicks, I wonder if that means that I'm just fucking off for fun? " I laughed hard at these excuses. Imagine telling your Sifu that you failed the grading because "I wasn't trying". In Martial Arts it is about dedication and determination. Clearly Trocity is ignorant of this.

"Whats up with the "keep your hands up" bullshit? I'm 8-1 in kickboxing. I hold my hands where I please."
This stupid comeback speaks volumes. Pride comes before a fall, or in Trocity's case, before, during and after a fall.


Anonymous said...

Man, you wallow in such a fen of self-delusion and ignorance about fighting it really is hilarious.

This is my new favorite comedy blog. Keep up the good work.

OmegaSucks said...

You fail to address any of the points, simply decrying them as "self-delusion" and "ignorance" yet offer no evidence to support that standpoint.

Your mum is my new favourite comedy whore.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Mom joke. You are the Mark Twain of our generation.

Anonymous said...

p.s. there's really nothing to address other than a really hamfisted attempt at spin in your video. It'd be pathetic if it wasn't so humorous.

Anonymous said...

Vid was shit man. Get a life

Anonymous said...

comedy blog.


it's so true.

kung fu sucks so much dick

OmegaSucks said...

I wasn't aware that that either Phrost or Annatrocity did kung fu.

Apparently they are able to suck bad enough by themselves without kung fu's influence.