Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bullshido Serves up Bullshido; Uncertified Frauds Host Un-Official Dog Brothers Seminar

Of all the possible gaffs the Bullshido masses could have committed, this takes the cake.... and eats it too.

From a very reliable Bullshido Insider, who has recently come over to the Bull-Den on our very own Chu Hoy Program- it was revealed that certain members of the cult hosted an obviously unskilled, un-certified, un-believably gay Stick fighting seminar as can be viewed in the accompanying video clips.

You will note the ridiculous leaping and prancing, as if they were 2 woodland elves out collecting elderberries. Also notice the deadly proven DBMA patented spin kicks seen throughout this perverse pornographic anal-arnis.

At this time it certainly appears that if this "Dog-Fuck" of a stick fighting seminar registers at the level of Bullshido on par with Ashida Kim's Testicular Retraction seminars of the 80's. Note the flabby arms flailing wildly- much akin to some obese peasant mother thrashing her fields in post war Ukraine.

Identified in the 1st video is Bullshido member KempoFist and some other faceless loser, neither of whom has any certifiable stick combat training what so ever as is clearly evidenced by this sickening display of retard caning;
In the 2nd video we see equally crappy skills (or lack there of) from Bullshido 'big guns' Omega and Plasma.



stixman said...

Well that blew!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. The stuff you write is brilliant unintentional comedy.

KempoFist said...

What's up homey. Thanks for another serving of lies. Where in those videos, or during the throwdown did anyone claim there to be a stick fighting seminar, let alone a DBMA certified one?

More lies and a pathetic obsession. I've got a good idea who you are now, as I don't think anyone could genuinely be as lowly and petty as you are trying to come off as.

But regardless for the record, I have no experience stick fighting, and to the best of my knowledge the guy who brought the sticks is only a beginner himself. It was fun, just as the grappler who tries out striking can have fun, or the TKDer who jumps at the chance to roll on the mat has fun.

Good luck trying to tear that down, and paint as something it's not.

- KempoFist