Friday, July 11, 2008

Can Bullshido be Taught?

Much as one is frustrated in trying to teach a follish puppy to go to the door to indicate it's need to pee, so it is with trying to teach Bullshidoists the futility and embarrassing behavior that they exhibit every day on their retard-fest of a forum.

However I am forced to admit, that in hindsight several of Bullshido's "Top Dog's" apparently have been humiliated into recognizing the folly and utter shame of their previous behaviors.

Call it adversive conditioning, or simple recognition but maybe there is a hope;

Anatrocious; Has publicly isolated herself from her previous desires to be the resident big talker. Not a peep has been heard from this now "broken" mare.

Jordon; after the humiliating fight that became inter-net legend, left off with his cowering in a beaten up sidekick- completely terrified to finish the fight he so desperately wanted in the beginning before recognizing his lack of courage.

Mike Triangles; both having been publicly humiliated in the NY and US jujitsu communities, and suffering the coward of a teacher he has, like a ghost-just as I like it.

It is therefore feasible to assume that the new breed of retards such a Liguy, Moose, FFF, Kempo fist, Omega and their school chums will similarly be 'conditioned" to be the quiet little mice that they truly are.

Can we say gayhhheeee....wheeeeeee!

Remember girls, the street is not a nice cushy "throw down"

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