Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bullshido in denial

Just days after Kat Johnson's climb down in her challenge fights with respected Kung Fu sifu Rudy Abel, and me, Bullshido has quietened down and returned to the intellectual wasteland it is at its core. The suppression of the challenge fight threads on their forum allows the junior cult members to clasp onto the hope that it never happened. Wanting is believing and Bullshido cult members are desperate to believe in their site.

Junior members are attempting to redefine the Bullshido entity as distinct from any individual. Ironic because only two days ago the whole site's identity rested on the completely unqualified shoulders of Mixed Fighting transgender fite ducker Kat Johnson. In this climate of denial the staff are desperate to refocus away from the key inner sanctum of senior bullshido cult staff. Cult leader Phrost Fletcher is conspicuously absent.

This Blog is only whispered about in hushed tones, with blatant attempts to dismiss my blog as insubstantial criticism. It is not, my points are valid.

a. Bullshido is a money making machine run by Neal Fletcher at the expense of the junior cult members

b. Bullshido is hypocritical and not true to its misguided aims

c. Bullshido is 99% ego. Kat Johnson is 200% ego.

d. The average bullshido member could not defeat my six year old nephew who studies TaeKwonDo. That includes the staff and flagship "fighters"

Feedback from the Bullshido cult members
The site seems to attack Bullshido members individually, but Bullshido is based on the simple philosophy that real life effectiveness, or its most reasonable approximation, is the best measurement of a martial art. Nothing I found on challenges that philosophy.
No, Bullshido is founded on ego. Cults operate via strict hierarchy. You are at the bottom of the pile Bjjgame even your screen name shows a need to identify with a group strong than yourself ("Bjj"). Omega, Kat fite ducker Johnson, Samuel Brownass, Phrost $$$ Fletcher are all figureheads of your cult. It is a cult not a movement get out while you still can.

Attacking Bullshido members is ultimately useless,
No it is not. Where's Kat fite ducker Johnson the internet addict? Yeah that's right she shut right up when she realized someone might actually face her. One down 64000 to go. Like fighting multiple opponents, give the ringleaders a bloody nose and the rest (like you) run away with your tails between your fat legs.

You will lose this war, get used to it.


Anonymous said...

Bullshido operates on the KIBO principle: Knowledge In, Bullshit Out. In the end, the existence of this blog and its attempts to spin the way things went down doesn't matter in the least, because the video proof stands for itself, like JFS getting his ass beat by Osiris and Abel getting his ass beat by Anthony. Do you honestly believe that Abel would have fared any better against AnnaTrocity than he did against Anthony? We would have found out if it wasn't for the fact that he ducked her (not the other way around like you are attempting to state).

In the end, do what you feel like. It doesn't mean what you are saying is true, and it doesn't mean that you will have any impact on the health of the community.

OmegaSucks said...

Reading comprehension for the mongoloid in aisle 2.

By Kat 'Analtrocity' Johnson:
Anyways, i'm done with this challenge match shit. I even told rudy it was over. I'm tired of this crap.

OmegaSucks said...

Kat Johnson is the fight ducker. And you are the Bullshido penis sucker.

Fat anthony got lucky. What exactly did he do for the majority of the fight?....hmmm....oh yeah...I remember what he did....FAIL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Because Abel did so much better in that fight. What's worse, a bad performance and winning anyways or losing to a bad performance?

I like how you don't even address JFS' embarrassing ass-beating either.

OmegaSucks said...

Hilarious that a shoot and a few missed punches constitutes an "ass-beating"...LOL...typical response that I would expect someone who has never even SEEN an ass beating, let alone been involved in a situation that could constitute a REAL ass beating, to call it. A REAL ass beating is nothing like that my deluded sports paradigm loving friend.

If he had an ass beating he would've been the one scared to death and hiding in a 'SUV' and afraid to come out.

Oh wait no...that was Bullshido's pussy 'enforcer'....LOL

Honestly! Delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

Verbal submission = assbeating. Sorry to prick your bubble of self-delusion.

OmegaSucks said...

You truely are a dimwit. So lets say I'm facing an opponent who is larger, more highly trained and more natural gifted than myself causing me to follow the first rule of REAL self defense - avoidance!

So I verbally submit before even a blow is thrown. You call that an "ass beating"?

You are a moron.

It seems you are so caught up in the rules of your beloved sport that you misguidedly believe a 'tap' counts for anything in the real world other than if you are facing a similarly conditioned monkey.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to point out that I told rudy I was still willing to fight but I was willing to have the thread on bullshido deleted so that people would not harangue him over not wanting to fight me in the first place. That was part of our deal for letting things on the internet go. There was no "cover-up". It was part of the deal Rudy and I made to mutually drop it.

OmegaSucks said...

Who are you 'anonymous'?

I can't imaging Rudy making any deal with a person titled 'anonymous'.