Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bullshido Sparring analysis


OmegaSucks said...

One more thing worth mentioning which was not included in my video assesment is what terrible movement 1bad65 displays. No wonder he ate so many shots (however softly they were delivered, with however little intent and with however little intensity). Against someone in a real fight his failure to provide any kind of moving target when closing distance would lead to his bones being smashed.

1bad65 - The bad is there for a reason.

johnny cache said...

wtf? why would anyone put up a video this shit? hardly a convincing case for mma's superiority over tma, - totally pwned by a taekwondo dude!! lmao

Nate1481 said...

That just looks like 2 guys doing light sparring, what's you point?

It's a bit of an extrapolation to say MMA sucks after watching 2 guys do light kickboxing

Anonymous said...

OMG...that MMA guys sucks beyond belief.

He's africkingembarassment...what a fag!

OmegaSucks said...

Precisely. But this is the bullshido mouthpiece known as 1bad65.

Complete loser they have as a poster child.