Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bullshido cannot comprehend efficiency

Efficient movement is the cornerstone of many traditional non-sports combat kung fu. Ving Tsun Kung Fu originates from the south of China and excels at short direct strikes that are employed at a high rate of fire to overwhelm one or more attackers.

The masters of Ving Tsun know that under real combat pressure you need a small but ruthlessly effective arsenal that can be adapted to almost any attack. Learning a wide range of mixed martial techniques invites indecision at the critical moment. This sophisticated simplicity makes Ving Tsun a winner in real fighting.

The below video of a Bullshido cult member shows these real world concepts are beyond the morons on that site.

The video is an uninformed attempt to mock a valid combat art, mocking the very thing that makes Ving Tsun more applicable to 99% of life and death combat situations than what you study metrokid.

Look at Dagon's incorrect posture and form when demonstrating the Ving Tsun vertical punch, he clearly is not proficient in Ving Tsun. Dagon is clearly an adolescent of below average intellect who has never been in a real fight in his life. Playground scuffles and rolling around in the park with your buddies does not qualify you to critique a self defense art Dagon. You are the symptom of the sick cult of Bullshido.


Moose said...

You do realize Dagon is in his 30's, and a school teacher, right?

Now, let me offer this courteous extension: The Detroit Throwdown is in October, you are MORE then welcome to attend, and will be treated with the respect you haven't shown anyone else, and, you can spar us, or teach us, or whatever.

OmegaSucks said...

That doesn't make him qualified to mock Ving Tsun you idiot

moose said...

Except he does Ving Tsun...

I do jiu jitsu, and i still mock it.

the lulz, sir. for teh mother fucking lulz

Dagon said...

Hey, I was just trying to explain why the RNC that BJJ journeyman Moose applied had its centerline dominated (rendering it ineffective).

And I was only attempting to mock myself. I feel that I am perfectly qualified in that area.


Toby Christensen said...

I saw no video of this alleged Moy Yot Family Ving Tsun but merely the video of the lead singer of the band Creed boogieing down in a bar to the sounds of his latest hit record.

Granted, I may be incorrect as to the band as I am not as hip and with it on the latest pop-culture references, it may have been the bloke from Nickleback.

Anyhow, this was not true fighting and this was not the artistry of Ving Tsun. This was the ambling, shaking, spazzerdry of an epileptic fit after drinking several pots of coffee during and earthquake.

And who is this moose which dares question your martial nature? An invite to a Detroit throwdown? Is this the same moose which goes by "3moose1" on the Bullshido?

The same "3moose1" with all of 6 months experience in BJJ and weighs less then a bucketful of warm piss with half the value?

The same "3moose1" who posted a video of himself 'grappling' with some chap known as McClaw the Mighty where the two of them looked like concentration camp survivors forcelessly "fighting" for the last scrap of bread?

The same "3moose1" who posted cell phone video of himself recording a recording of a "MMA match" against a yellow belt kareteka who tooled him so mercilessly, moose needed a rape kit and a doll to point to where he hurt after the match?

Moose, instead of spending time on this message board making idle threats, perhaps you should go train.

Or post video of your getting beaten by a Girl Scout over a box of Thin Mints.

Homeroom said...

bwahahahaaaaa WOW A REAL SCHOOL TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!

He must be teh d34dly

Anonymous said...

will OmegaSucks attend the Detroit Throwdown in October?

something tells me if he did.. he would get owned beyond belief, OmegaSucks would quit his out of date TMA.

he is a scared little man.

Anonymous said...

Have you got a video showing VT working against multiple attackers in a real fight? You know, seeing as you claim it works and all I would expect you have?

OmegaSucks said...

Anonymous internet tough guys are the most hilarious detractors.

I'm a scared little man yet they lack the conviction of their own pathetic skill so much that they DARE not post with a real name.

Will 'anonymous' do anything but hide?

OmegaSucks said...

To anonymous #2:

Do you have video showing BJJ working against multiple attackers in a real fight?

Anonymous said...

OmegaSucks just attend the Detroit Throwdown in October

you are welcome to join us and teach us or exchange techniques whatever.

Moose said...

oh, Mr. Christensen, your just a riot! Yes, this is 3moose1

Did you watch the video? I was the one kneeing him in the face.

I was the one who dominated the entire match.

Six months of BJJ? Naw, way more, son.

To OmegaSucks, i'm legitimately inviting you to the throwdown. Not out of anger, or hostility, but because i think that a Traditional Martial Artist as yourself would only elevate the quality of the throwdown.

My name is Derek. For obvious reasons, I'm not going to post my last name on the internet, however, if you come to the detroit throwdown, i'll be happy to introduce myself formally.

The effectiveness (or inneffectiveness) of _ing _un is something i'm not qualified to comment on.

So, again, i extend an invitation to you, to attend the Detroit Throwdown. You can message me through youtube for the details, if you'd like.

And, of course, mr. christensen, your more then welcome to come, as well. However, I would expect a certain level of respect, should we ever meet in person.



Toby Christensen said...

Apparently the greater Detroit Metro school system is lacking and the evidence is twofold.

First, they must be desperate for teachers if they hired the flop-haired, mock chain punching mop-topped Scott Stapp lookalike: Dagon with his ridiculous chin whiskers and his budget Affliction shirt. While attending my primary education we were accorded proper educators who were blessed and in turn blessed up with a classical education none of it being bestowed in a Hooters. If he truly is a teacher, I should expect he is a Home Economics teacher, instructing femme preteen boys like moose how to cook and clean for their domestic same sex partner.

Secondly, if you had read my missive surely even a lower intellect such as yourself would have been able to recall the simple fact of my MENTIONING YOUR VIDEO! Are you really that intellectually dense or are you doing this under the pretenses of appearing clever?

As for your "kneeing him in the face" it was quite hard to distinguish what those pipecleaners you consider legs where doing. Most men, such as old-timey carney stongmen types, have copious amounts of muscle layered on their upper and lower legs like flapjacks, so it is quite easy to discern the knee. You on the other hand have all the musculature of a milk-fed veal and half of its fighting prowess. Your most well-defined muscles are probably in your typing fingers from posting humourless witticisms on Bullshido all day.

And I am not your son. If I were, I would have ripped your throat out immediately after setting eyes upon you in the delivery room after my birth. I would have torn into you like a rabid wolverine and screamed like the hunchbacked chap in 300, cursing you father. It is quite evident that your "BJJ training" is the grand total sum of less then 1 year. I suspect if not 6 months, then no more then 7.

Your spastic takedowns reminded me of a Manatee flopping out of water trying to sumit a Monkey. Perhaps some remedial training be your course of study before undertaking such an farce again. You dominated nothing. Nor did your opponent. WHat I saw was man-love of the highest order which would rival even that of my twin-brother, the homosexual, on a drunken Friday night at a sailor's bar during shore leave.

And I will not be attending your Detroit Throwdown. The only reason I would have to visit Detroit would be to look up that Fickle Finger of Fate chap with an armload of napalm. Moose if you do choose to have this throwdown please ensure there is qualified instructors there so you might learn something and prevent further videotaped embarrassment again.

And shave that foolish and silly thing off Dagon's chin.

Anonymous said...

Look at this fukkin' post. Absolutely hilarious.

OmegaSucks said...

Moose said: "However, I would expect a certain level of respect, should we ever meet in person."

How about fuck you, you pathetic litle child. Respect your fucking elders and respect peoples rights to make their own choices without fear of being lampooned by your moronic sidekick.

Bleating about respect. What do you deserve respect for? Being distinctly average (at best) at BJJ which you claim is the 'real deal' but that you have studied so little of?

It's not about BJJ. It's about you. Sucking ass at what you do. Regardless of style.

If you sucked ass as badly at a traditional art you'd still be a fucking idiot preaching about 'teh deadly' or 'teh real' when you clearly no very little about fuck all.

You should get good at SOMETHING before criticising ANYTHING!