Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bullshido Ground Fighting Myths dispelled

Bullshido cult is pro-ground fighting. This is a completely unrealistic concept in self defense. The following excerpts from the Bullshido indoctrination package demonstrate the dangerous disregard the authors have for the reader's own safety were they to take their unqualified advice. Where to begin?

Evidence has been shown for the neccesity of learning to fight on the ground if one wishes to be a well rounded fighter, prepared for all situations.
Evidence has shown the necessity of avoiding the ground at all costs.

A groundfighter is going to control the takedown and be on TOP thus using the harsh environment against his attacker.
The unsaid assumption at play is that it is a GOOD idea to take the fight to the ground. This is plain nonsense.

the deceptive, quick, and expolosive nature of the shot (takedown) makes this relatively easy allowing you only one solid attack with which you must KO your opponent to avoid grappling.
This has no relevance to self protection. You will not face xpert wrestlers on the street. Again Bullshido is confusing sport environment with the street.

Grappling and ground-fighting skills are essential in amultiple opponent scenario with weapons involved. Put simply put you need grappling/groundfighting skills toutilize a weapon effectively
This is complete baloney. The author should consult CFA knife fighting tactics and digest them before commenting on this topic.

A good grappler can negate this by taking the bigger person to the ground and minimizing the distance the bigger opponent has to build momentum in striking.
More gibberish trying the justify the grappling bias. A blade is a great equalizer;)

Wrestling practice and competition is always full contact.
Simply not so. Where do we start?

It is small wonder that indoctrinated Bullshido cult members know so little about actual fighting. They think they know but they do not know.

How many REAL fights has Analtrocity been in? None but he still claims to be an expert in striking. I rest my case.

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