Sunday, June 15, 2008

Unskilled, wannna-be SF types invest Bullshido

It's abundantly clear that the Bullshido site has become a haven for the countless numbers of thick, grunt work clerks and jerks that wish to find a place where they can assume the identity of an actual special forces member, rather than the pathetic hum-drum jobs they actually hold.

Amongst a site of young, inexperienced MMA fan-boys, drug dealing- gun toting meth addicts and the likes, these cleverly disguised, overweight paper pushers can mold their secret Ian Flemming persona's.

Take for example the recently active double chinned special forces wanna-be from the British Air Force, decked out in his best un-used Cam creams and pressed fatigues. Most likely photo'ed in his back garden, this bumbling rear echelon type will no doubt attempt to assail the bullshido masses with created tales scavenged from an Andy McNabb novel.


Anonymous said...

Yes... I am that person.

Simio de las fagas
Bullshido Sponsor and fagwod

Anonymous said...

mate i agree with alot of what you have to say... i just think you should stick to facts dude... dont stoop to their level...

Anonymous said...

hey neal how can i contact you... i too share your sentiment with regards to these BS mo fo's