Saturday, May 31, 2008

The most bigoted martial arts site on the net

...where zealots and bigots rule, and profit $$$$.

Why do more people watch outtakes of Pop Ideal than watch the regular program? Why are negative news stories of tragedy more popular than positive ones?

Fear sells. Negativity sells. And Neal Fletcher, owner and founder of Internet site is in business. That is the first and foremost reason Neal has a site dedicated to sensationalizing and attacking the very fabric of martial arts, not because he has some higher moral calling.

Neal will play down the $20 dollars he charges subscribed members to join the "Black Belt Club" of elite zealots, he plays down the $$$ from Google advertising. Selling T-Shirts with his logo and negative slogans. But that's about the truth of it; $$$

Ironically Neal bemoans "McDojos"; martial arts run primarily for profit. Hypocrite?

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