Sunday, June 1, 2008

Five reasons why Bullshido doesn't do challenge fights anymore

1. "Kat" vs John F Springer

2. Fat Anthony

3. Mikey Triangles vs MMA Underground

4. Erant108

5. They never did anyway

Kat vs John F Springer, 2007

Kat is a Muay Thai obsessed lesbian who is, well shall we say big boned. She likes to talk like a boy (she even sounds like one leading some people to suggest she's on steroids or hormones or something) and prides herself in being able to beat on men. Cool a women who is more manly than the average guy in the street, each to their own right.

John Springer is an old Kung Fu master with a solid credentials in Southern Preying Mantis, Hung Gar and Wrestling. He is a former Green Beret.

Kat's obsession with beating on men led to her challenging online kung fu practitioner Omar to a "challenge match" over a general disagreement on Bullshido Forum. Kat turned up armed with a firearm, with her lesbian lover and a male Bullshido administrator as back up. The Bullshido mob had also arranged for a friend to play the role of unbiased cameraman; he was their spy. Kat refused to fight Omar at the agreed location and mouthed off constantly in a freaky steriod voiced manner and paced around in her sport fight gear.

Eventually Kat taunted Master Springer so much that he grabbed her shoulder in frustration and shook her "why will you not go through with this challenge match???". At this moment Bullshido forum administrator Osiris launched an ill-judged flying side kick at Springer in an attempt to blind side the Kung Fu expert.

Osiris collapses after an ill-timed flying kick attempt

Osiris fell to the floor having had no effect on Springer. Osiris performed a double leg take down on Master Springer and took the fight to the floor. Fortunately for Osiris none of the bystanders intervened as Osiris was helpless against multiple opponents having sacrificed mobility for a dangerous ground game, which was the only aspect of combat in which his MMA skills could out-do the Kung Fu Master.

After some time Osiris managed to escape a headlock Springer had sprung, and proceeded to launch elbows and hay makers at his grounded opponent. Most missed. Osiris realized that he was not going to win and got up and feigning victory quickly retreated to the safety of their car, abandoning Kat and her helpless lover to the "enemy". Fortunately the Kung Fu guys had no interest in beating on women, even very manly ones. The Bullshido mob then made their escape.

Back on Bullshido the whole episode was declared a major victory even though in reality the Bullshido mob had refused to fight the challenge match. The regular Bullshido members were only too willing to believe it was a victory and so their version of events went largely unchallenged.

It was in reality a scary awakening; Real fights are not like sports fights in the ring with rules, and few if any Bullshido members are ready for a real fight. From then on any challenge matches Bullshido members would fight on behalf of the site would have to be in a sporting environment to ensure that their sports fighters could "beat" the real fighters.

Fat Anthony circus

Fat Anthony is another administrator on Bullshido. He peddles porn to the masses and is really not the sort of guy anyone would want to represent a martial arts fight. After Osiris' "victory" over Springer Fat Anthony wanted a piece of the challenge match action too. He arranged to fight another Kung Fu master, Sifu Abdel of Monkey style Kung Fu. Again the reason had everything to do with a general disagreement over what is and isn't "bullshido"; it was entirely personal on Fat Anthony's part.

Fat Anthony trained Brazilian Ju Jitsu, a ground fighting sport-art and insisted that the match be held in a sprung floored boxing ring rather than a car park to stack the odds in his favor.

Despite this he struggled to take the Kung Fu master down to the floor during the fight, attempting many take downs. Soon Fat Anthony was floored by Abdel's punches. Fat Anthony had the presence of mind to collapse near to the edge of the ring and hide under the ropes, thus ensuring that the referee would intervene to save him. In accordance with sports rules which are stop-start affairs, Fat Anthony was allowed time to compose himself and the fight was restarted in the center of the ring.

Fat Anthony collapses head first into the canvas following eating multiple solid punches from Abdel

Again Fat Anthony attempted take downs, eventually he succeeded. Fat Anthony was exhausted and pretty much out of the fight but again he used the tactic of hiding under the boxing ring's ropes to force a restart. This time the restart was from the finishing position on the ground.

Note this: When the fight was stopped the first time because Fat Anthony had collapsed it was restarted standing, with Fat Anthony in a much safer position than when it was stopped. When it was stopped the second time, it was restarted in a position that ensured Fat Anthony dominance.

This time Fat Anthony was able to leverage the advantageous restart by kneeing Abdel in the head thus scoring another "victory" for bullshido.

3. Mikey Triangles vs MMA Underground

Mikey Triangles is a member of Bullshido. Following Osiris' and Fat Anthony's "victories" every junior member of Bullshido wanted the fame and kudos that was awarded those who fought challenge matches for Bullshido. The average forumite on Bullshido is gullible, inexperienced, macho and frustrated that they don't get as much respect and attention as they feel they deserve. Mikey Triangles was no different. He believes that he is a BJJ protege and that the honor of BJJ rests solely on his shoulders. Unfortunately for Bullshido these are exactly the tendencies that make them so easy to troll.

Their opponent in this fight is a mystery. A group of trolls branded the ACA were definitely behind what happened, but who they are no one really knows. It is thought that they are from MMA Underground forum and may include professional MMA fighters.

So, Mikey Triangles is looking for someone to fight. A group of trolls are looking for someone to troll. Mikey is identified as a weak link at bullshido and targeted on MySpace.

Mikey falls for the bait (an alleged unqualified BJJ instructor) and starts a multi-forum war with Bullshido, Sherdog, jiujitsu Gear and other forums invading the troll's bait forum. The trolls invent the character Sensei Al Perry.

Google search "trolled bullshido" or "Sensei Al Perry"

or click here Google search - bullshido Trolled

The trolls were entirely successful, getting Mikey and an entourage from Bullshido to turn up to a challenge match with a non-existent opponent. The whole thing was a major embarrassment for Bullshido and they suppressed the outcome. The only come-back they could muster was that they had a free Sambo seminar because one of the Bullshidoists taught some of his art to the waiting fighters.

ACA Trolls symbol

Mikey Triangles waits for the challenge match that never was

The outcome was that the senior staff of Bullshido now performed a 180 degree U-turn and started discouraging their members from taking up challenge matches. From now on challenge matches were uncool; Osiris and Fat Anthony were allowed their ego feeding legend status, but rank and file members undertaking challenge matches was too much of a liability.

4. Erant108 effect

Is Erant108 the cause or the symptom? Who cares? Erant108 is just one of many regular Bullshido forumites who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. These members (in more ways than one) are more interested in impressing everyone with their claimed vast technical or stylistic knowledge but have no desire to prove their claims in the arena of combat. These members are anti-combat and are softening the once brash public image of the site.

5. They never did anyway

If you look carefully at all the challenge matches in Bullshido history they are all with very minor players in the martial arts community. They all have a personal flavor rather than an investigative fraud-busting nature. They are ego trips for an elite few of the regular members. Did anyone from Bullshido ever turn up at an aikido Seminar and pressure test their claimed knife techniques? No. Did a Bullishidoist ever spar Grossmeister Leung Ting? No. Or Grandmaster George Dillman? Of course not. Bullshido exists at the lowest levels of the martial arts community and has zero impact with the big players. All the hype about Bullshido challenge matches amounts to a handful of poor quality failures.


Anonymous said...

Anthony so nearly lost that match those head strikes from KFDW rocked!!!!!!!!!!

Great blog

GI Joe said...

haha bullshido had this coming to them!

ACA said...

I think you have probably realised too late that you shouldn't have used our name in your little war with Bullshido.

People may get the wrong impression and we have standards.

Play nice and we may let you have your blog back.