Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bullshido cannot hide from Google

The huge traffic this site is receiving has obviously been picked up by Google now and they are promoting it to a higher postion because of this.

Yesterday there were so many people on it that it crashed blogspot and we could not access the site for about an hour.

It is now showing at postion number 14 in Google for "bullshido" click here to see and if this traffic continues it will be on the first page telling the world the truth about their nonsense.

you cant trollshido Google, the truth is coming to get you.


OmegaSucks said...

Great news for the cult leaders over at Bullshido HQ! My 'gay' little blog you felt so proud lampooning earlier in the week now ranks #1 on Google search for the term 'real bullshido'.

The world is watching.

Anonymous said...

A lot of your stuff is pretty funny, and you do a good job archiving the supposed meaningless antics of the site, but this Wing Chun article reeks of hilarity. Do you have any idea as to what the **** you're talking about when it comes to fighting or self defense? Jesus Christ, I never realized ignorance could be so funny.

OmegaSucks said...

And who exactly the fuck are you 'anonymous'????

LOL. Love the big talk coming from a chump hiding behind his keyboard.

I know plenty of what I'm talking about when it comes to fighting. More than any of Bullshido can say.

They even suck at the SPORT they play so FIGHTING is conceptually a step too far.

OmegaSucks said...

Currently at #12 in google search for the term Bullshido.

I'm amazed at how many people must be reading this blog.