Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Racial Intolerance At Bullshido

The sport of Kabbadi. It is the national game of Bangladesh, and the state game of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra in India. The sport has a history dating to pre-historic times. It was probably invented to ward off group attacks.

But that doesn't mean that it should be free from ridicule from the amassed morons of Bullshido!

The irony is that they worship Greco-Roman and American Wrestling as pastimes 'worthy' of pursuing due to there suppossed value in developing the attributes of a person who aspires to enter their 'golden arena' - MMA competition.

Of course it is far easier for the USA-loving, flag-waving idiots of Bullshido to ridicule something which is culturally and enthnocentrically 'different' from what their 'good ol' boys' see as 'normal' (skewed as their world view may be).

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