Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suspicious Lack of actual Fighters for the Holy Grail of MMA

It is no secret that the echoing halls of Bullshido host the greatest collection of self professed MMA experts the Internet has yet to see. However the ironic fact of this issue, is that there are absolutely no respectable or noteworthy fighters that are regular subscribers to this site.

Sure, hidden amongst the staple "I'm in need of attention" TAGS that the Bullshido minions relish as if they were degrees from Harvard, are the impressive sequined FIGHTERS badges. However a relatively comprehensive background investigation of these self proclaimed legends has revealed a very startling fact;

That without exclusion, these members are at best no more than the 3rd rate, local show fodder who will never exceed the apex of a brief dismal amateur record without any real recognition by the organized MMA community as a whole.

Take for example Lord Asia; the self professed "enforcer" of this bunch. Often passing himself off as another "Special Forces" operator (when he is in fact no more than a simple airman), he also takes this liberty to pawn himself off as a top notch MMA fighter. Simply not true.

A clear example of the desperation of these socially inept buffoon's, is the long standing ritual of the overweight, unconditioned members who take the plunge to suffer 1 or 2 humiliating defeats in a very minimalistic cage show, simply to boast "well I've been there and walked the walk". Again this is a perverted fallacy. Look no further than Neil Fletcher, or his man Friday Fat Tony, AKA the tubby lardass who was deftly manhandled by an aging Kung Fu Sifu in a below posted video. Both suffered humiliating defeats by unskilled redneck farm kids with little to no MMA experience, never to set foot on canvass again.

Another icon to these ungodly masses is the rather disturbing self admitted drug addicted low level Thai Boxing oddity known as "KAT". Fighting in the lowest echelons of the rather limited and obscure women's semi pro Mauy Thai circuits, she boasts both an unimpressive record and a corresponding lack of any recognition in the fight community.

This most likely accounts for the rather large numbers who flock to this slowly disintegrating empire, being as the majority of the masses simply desire a forum to live the daydream of belonging to the actual elite of true MMA warriors.

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