Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bullshido desperate to regain credibility

Unremarkable transgender kickboxer Anna "Kat" Trocity is pleading for attention and the chance to regain some credibility among her peers after numerous crushing defeats in the sporting environment, and after she backed out of a challenge fight with Kung Fu practitioner Omar in 2007.
For years you've trashtalked, even after VERBALLY submitting to a sub par BJJ whitebelt (love you Fat Anthony :) ) No ref blaming, you admitted defeat because you got scared of getting hit and tapped out

She cries in her latest drama thread on the Bullshido forums. Of course Fat Anthony didn't win that fight (see video below), but in her warped mind Bullshido beat the Kung Fu master.

Deeply aware of her lacking skills and mental fortitude compared to Kung Fu sifu Rudy Abel, she prefixes her challenge with a straightforward admission that she would lose a fight between them:
The fact that you are a 220lb man makes you potentially dangerous to me in hand to hand despite me having more actual fighting ability then you can even have in your dreams. I hate to admit it but even one of your horrible schoolboy never been in a fight before arm punches could probably knock me out if you landed it on the right spot.

Despite having more fighting ability... you would win? And to call Sifu Abel's punches arm punches is doubly disenguous. So after explaining that she won't really fight him because she would lose, she goes on to explain that she will fight him but only if an exhaustive list of conditions are met:

I am willing to
1.) Fly to California to an area within a couple hours drive of you and other possible interested parties.

So what? This is meaningless.

2.) I will provide you, or you can provide yourself with a bare rattan three section staff of quality suitable for sparring. As a true fighter I will not cheat you on your weapon if you make me buy it.
She is specifying his weapon. She is the making the challenge but she dares to presume his weapon of choice. She is scared of his bare handed strikes but not of an armed opponent? This woman is living in a fantasy world, perhaps a drug endused one.

3.) I will provide myself with a longsword length rattan staff such as used by the dog brothers, fitted with a pommel and crossguard to make it more like the german longsword that I have trained with.
LARPing. Are you going to dress in an elf suit?

4.) I will provide a heavy duty fencing mask such as used by the dog brothers for both of us along with suitable soft hand protection such as lacross gloves to insure that neither of us sustain permanent injury.

5.) If you win I will hand you 500 dollars in cash. If you lose, you go home with nothing but the bruises.
If you don't spend it on drugs first

6.) It's all video taped, preferably from multiple angles

7.) I will respect physical or verbal submission and I will not do anything that I feel would truly injure you (IE hit you in the back of the head where a fencing mask offers no protection.) Though i hate you i will treat you with the same courtesy I treat all my opponents.
Hate is a strong emotion only felt by the weak. Empty your mind and you will see that hate is stopping you from becoming a true Eastern warrior. That and the fact that you are thick.

She then concludes with amazing irony
No bullsh*t, no excuses, you've called out people of my weight so you should
have no issues with that

Has she not read what she just wrote? It's full of bullsh*t and excuses.

This drama attempt by Bullshido is an attempt to divert attention from this site and is a sign of the desperation felt within the inner cult circle of Bullshido where they can see their walls of lies and falsehoods crumbling around them.

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kidcompton said...

LOL @ that german longsword shit. God damn that bitch is delusional (remember - some of y'all niggaz is bitches too - so it still got it covered even if she is a man).

I can see her transexual ass running around fields out in BFE Georgia pretending to be in fucking braveheart or some shit.