Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bullshido forces retards to fight for their pleasure

Bullshido stooped to new lows recently. Footage leaked from a recent bullshido "throwdown" shows just how depraved and sick this so-called martial arts group have become, and gives the first real concrete evidence of what goes on behind the closed doors of the bullshido cult.

The video, leaked from bullshido by a brave insider disgusted by what s(he) witnessed, shows two mentally retarded individuals forced to fight as a jeering crowd of bullshido cult members watches intently. The obviously impaired victims of this disgusting human cockfight struggle gamely against each other in a degrading encounter which is cut short before its brutal ending. It is obvious that neither of these two innocent spazzes has any idea how to fight, and yet they are forced by the bullshido cult into a shocking and brutal encounter.

When shown the clip, Dr A.C. Bruce of the Society for the Protection of the Mentally Disabled commented:

"This is really disgusting. Neither of these innocent chaps has the slightest clue what is going on here. In my medical opinion both of these men are completely unfit to fight- they are both seriously overweight and have the mental and physical capacities of a 2 year old child. Retards like these would be hard pressed to cope strapped in a chair being fed liquid food..fighting to the death in a vicious and perverted human cockfight is well beyond what they are capable of.

In my medical opinion, the poor victimised idiot in white has a stroke half way through the match- nothing else explains his complete lack of coordination and ability, or the look of sheer mental incapacity on his face. I am disgusted by this video and I will fight to make sure this disgusting cult is closed down soon".

The fight in question can be viewed here. Beware, if you are of a fragile disposition, view with caution:


Mental health worker NYC said...

I care for one of these poor people, his name is Tom. I will be reporting this to the relevant authorities.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this went on. Does the APSCA or NAACP or whatever organization is in charge of the tards know about this??

Considering the outcry after BUMFIGHTS, I expect Oprah would be all over this like a jelly donut!

Toby Christensen said...

I wish it to be know to all:
this Simon Almond Roca fellow has been derogitory, inflammatory and discriminitory to me on many occassions.
I have a physical impairment which cause me to walk with a slight gimp, easily rectifiable with the usage of a simple walking stick or cane.
I have legally, lawful letters attesting to this, yet many clubs in Australia will not allow me to train there, despite my legally, lawful letters.
My twin-brother, the attorney, has advised me that while this refusal to train is in direct violation of Australia's anti-discrimination codes, the time and cost to fight these would be fruitless.
Despite all this, Simon Almond Roca persists in calling me a "retard" or "tard" bearing in mind he has been informed on numerous occasions I am not, in fact, retarded, just a bit gamey.
He alse revels in calling me a "gimp" which I believe to be in clear violation of international hate laws.