Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bullshido - the Truth..

This review courtesy of world renowned Real World self defence expert Phil Elmore at

"March, 2005: So there I was, surfing the Web innocently enough, when I stumbled on a link to an FAQ file at If you're not familiar with, you needn't be; it's one of the more notorious troll sites on the Web. More specifically, it's a discussion forum peopled by a collection of ignorant, angry teenagers – a sort of Lord of the Flies for the virtual age, complete with a few token adults attempting to run the asylum from within. The site's members, believing themselves to be smart enough and experienced enough to "out" various frauds, fakes, and freaks in the self-defense community, have applied a unique mechanism for so doing: they simply make fun of everyone and everything. The exception is sportfighters; the site is essentially a fan club for mixed martial arts (MMA), the current fad in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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chardin said...

You're quoting a TL;DR screen by a discredited wannabe martial artist, hosted on a site run by someone who couldn't even qualify as a ninja, and you're hoping for credibility?

You are very silly.

Anonymous said...

Dont cry when your heroes are shown for what they are you foot soldier.

chardin said...

Who is my hero and what was he shown to be, again?

Don't assume conformity when someone disagrees with you. That's exactly as stupid as assuming that non-conformists are wrong. I don't disagree with you because you disagree with various people on Bullshido. I disagree with you because you're promoting tripe.

Twitcher said...

Yeah, chardin is right on this one.