Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bullshido's lost roots

A decent WKA fighter could deck 99% of Bullshidos populace. Fact.

UK freestyle legend Alfie Lewis killed a man with karate foot sweep. He didn't train Muay Thai or MMA, that was before MMA existed. He trained freestyle and traditional karate. MMA is nothing new some of us have been mixing it up and sparring full on and fighting since before 99% of Bullshido was born. Aliveness is a dead horse.

Bullshido worships the combat sports of Muay Thai kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Bullshido recognises Kyokushinkai and begrudgingly accepts Judo because Judo's bastard-child is BJJ. This worship is just fickle ignorance.

But list any other combat sport and Bullshido dismisses it. Bullshido is ignorant of other combat sports and confuses British ones with American ones. Bullshido isn't qualified to comment on WKA.

Bullshido myth: semi contact is light contact. Spar an international level WKA or ITF guy and see how black and blue you end up.

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