Saturday, June 14, 2008

Omega = Bullshido

You could be forgiven for assuming Bullshido's resident professional fighter is some demigod of the MMA. Well you'd be dead wrong. Omega is a big mouthed no-body that no one in the sport can even remember. No one noticed him when he was competing much less one asks after him now. Except on Bullshido.

With the growing popularity of McMMA there are thousands of professional MMA fighters but only a handful of choose to post on Bullshido. That's because Bullshido is an embarrassment to any decent martial artist whatever your style. No Gracys or Japanese fighters post there. No world champions or UFC hall of famers. Just below average nobodies with pathetic fight records.

Omega's collects forum tags like Coda Scott collects belts. These tags are not earned, they are just Phrost's virtual cock sucking gone into overdrive.

Omega has the tag "I will travel to beat your arse" and "Is better than you". These are lies. Omega has never travelled to a challenge match and is worse than average for a professional fighter. He never beat anyone of note and is long past his prime.

Like most MMA fighters Omega learned to fight in Traditional MA. Omega would do better to mastering Hung Ga Kuen before setting himself up as an net authority on combat. I am better than Omega get over it.

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SifuAbel said...

I don't think Omega is bullshido. Neal, definitely, but not Omega. If anything, his only crime is letting others slide when they abuse their authority. I've said it before, its not the mission that is wrong, its the keepers of the site that need to go.