Sunday, June 8, 2008

Drug abuse rampant in MMA

Take a competitive environment, take immature impressionable young men who do not excel intellectually, take no moral guidance from the elders of the art, take $$$ for wining fights and what do you get? Drugs. Reported or proven drug abusers:
1. Royce Gracie
2. Hermes Franca
3. Carina Damm
4. Mark Kerr
5... your instructor or top student @ NAGA?

Royce Gracie took drugs to cheat in MMA

With the father of MMA Royce Gracie being a druggie who are young MMA fighters to look up to as a role model? Sean Sherk?


chardin said...

Steroids aren't the same as narcotics, you ignorant ass.

Juiceboy said...

Drug abuse is the phrase. Who made any mention of either narcotics or steroids specifically? Fool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because we all know steroids are good for you and you can't abuse them. They are like cherry flavored Flintstone's chewables. They aren't REALLY drugs.