Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Bullshido fears Wing Chun

Bullshido has an obsession with Wing Chun Kung Fu. Wing Chun is a traditional martial art from southern China with a reputation for sophisticated simplicity. With the proper mindset it can be brutally efficient on the street.

The reason Bullshido is so obsessed is because it fears Wing Chun. Bullshido hopes that by focusing exclusively on perceived weaknesses (i.e. Sports fighting record) it can completely ignore, and thus deny, the merits and strengths of the art.

Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate,
hate leads to suffering.
Yoda, (1999)

Bullshido's obsession is unhealthy and is leading to suffering. Wing Chun has undermined the confidence of the MMA fanboy masses and together with Krav Maga represents the street combat angle that BJJ dreams of. Wet dreams.

Win Chun combat

Wing Chun is based on principles not techniques and requires an educated sifu to transfer the art, unlike MMA which relies heavily on physical strength. BJJ kids deny this point but cannot escape the base reality that their sport has weight divisions. Why would you have weight divisions if size wasn't a factor? In Aikido and Wing Chun and other arts that allow a smaller defender to defeat a larger attacker there are no weight divisions. In fact there are no contests that contain the whole art either as that would be prohibitively dangerous. That is why Wing Chun is so effective in the street, where too there are no weight divisions.

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Anonymous said...

So why do Wing Chun not participate in MMA? If it is so effective, why have none stepped up to make some money?

Many other stylists from many other arts have stepped in, surely there must be one that would want to prove himself, and his art, worthy?
The public is hungry for such a traditional fighter. Deep in the MMA fan's heart they want the traditional guy to win.