Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Interview with a Bullshido insider

Interview transcript of IM chat. Compiled and edited for conciseness. Edits agreed by both parties as to conversation.
Interview @ 9pm Sunday 1st June 2008

OmegaSucks: Hi, what is your login name on Bullshido?
Bull: *********

OmegaSucks: How long have you been a member?
Bull: between 1 and 2 years

OmegaSucks: Why did you join?
Bull: To chat about UFC and BJJ. And to be a part of laughing at other arts

OmegaSucks: What attracted you to the site?
Bull: Looked cool. Lots of aggressive talk so I thought these guys can actually go and fight the other styles and stuff. I wanted to associate with that kind of thing.
OmegaSucks: Do they?
Bull: Not really. That's why I am ok to talk to you. They make out that they can fight but very few can. They're big mouth pussies really.
OmegaSucks: Would you include yourself in that statement?
Bull: No. Well I might. Being on Bullshido makes you a arrogant asshole so yeah I'm more pussy now because of them.

OmegaSucks: Do they investigate frauds?
Bull: Not really. Who's "they"? The staff don't. The staff hardly do anything except cry at trolls and outsiders.
OmegaSucks: Outsiders?
Bull: Anyone who doesn't agree. Really insular.
OmegaSucks: "Circle jerk"?
Bull: Exactly. It's more like a line everyone jerking Omega and Phrost off. Especially the lower mods they are the worst.

OmegaSucks: When did you start having doubts?
Bull: 12 months but Anthony's fight was the pivotal moment. How can they say Anthony did well? He very nearly got KO'd loads of times. He won because the rules helped him. After the fight he had no class.
OmegaSucks: Did you speak up at the time?
Bull: No point. Line jerk.

OmegaSucks: What is the good things about bullshido?
Bull: Nothing. MMA news is better on other sites

OmegaSucks: The worst thing?
Bull: Arrogance. Pretence that it's about fraud busting. Lot of talk about nothing it would be different if they actually did what they say they do.

OmegaSucks: Ok finally, can you prove you are a member?
Bull: Yes. I am still a supporting member so here is a quote from the private secret forum for supporting members only.

OmegaSucks: Throwdowns are pussy
Bull: Lol. All pussies. As soon as my $20 is up I'm gone. They have contracts for a year for membership like McDojos.


GI Joe said...

love to see neil fletcher fight sifu abdel he would get destroyed :)

Anonymous said...

What a fucking joke. I was a member of bullshido for about 3 years and it's just a bunch of frat boys whooping and hollering.