Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bullshido is no longer about fraud busting

The sport of MMA (mixed martial arts) is becoming massively popular and $$$ minded Bullshido owner Neal Fletcher is desperate to cash in on the hype. Bullshido used to be about fighting "frauds" <> and Mc Dojos but now it is about MMA and BJJ. Facts:

a) The front page of is full of MMA related news articles and adverts not fake martial arts

b) The top positioned sub forum in the forums is the MMA forum not the fraud forum

c) The schools review forum has 189 adverts reviews of MMA and BJJ related clubs compared to only 109 articles on Japanese arts, 51 on Chinese arts' schools, 43 on Taekwondo dojangs etc. This is completely out of proportion to the demographics of martial arts schools in US and proves the bias of the community.

d) where the fraud expose articles were (hardly any for 4 years work!) doesn't even exist anymore.

This is good news for honest martial artists and we hope Bullshido does terribly in the competitive market for MMA news sites where Bullshido is completely out classed by Sher Dog and MMA Underground.


Mattin said...

So true!!!! I think Bullshido will get bought out by Sherdog or MMA tv.

Anonymous said...

I notice nobody can deny this one.